Pokémon Masters mobile game has real-time battles and lots of trainers

The latest Pokémon smartphone app is the biggest release since Pokémon GO, as you collect trainers as well as just pokémon.

Trying to follow-up Pokémon GO, especially while so many other companies are busy trying to copy its formula, is no easy task but new game Pokémon Masters looks like it’ll have plenty to interest new fans and old.

Although mentioned briefly a few weeks ago the official reveal today showed what seemed to be a more complex game than Pokémon GO, in terms of both gameplay and graphics.

The idea is that you’re competing in the Pokémon Masters League on the island of Pasio, by fighting in 3 vs. 3 battles where each trainer only has one pokémon each.

The trainers and pokémon are called synch pairs and while battles somewhat resemble those in mainline Pokémon games they’re now in real-time, with moves that are on countdown timers.

This may have been the experiment in real-time combat that Pokémon Sword and Shield’s developers hinted to us about at E3 earlier in the month and is the first time pokémon battles have been portrayed in this way.

Trainers themselves seem to be almost as important as their pokémon, as for the first time they have their own moves which can be used to buff and heal their team-mates in battle.

The graphics look pretty impressive and there seems to be an on-the-rails first person view where you meet other trainers and battle them, before potentially adding them to your team.

The initial 65 trainers are all from existing pokémon games, including super famous ones such as Mistry and Brock. Exactly how this is going to work in terms of microtransactions and timers is unclear but it’s already being described as ‘free-to-start’, which means it will have in-app purchases.

It’s being made by DeNA, who have worked with Nintendo on their mobile games, although this is being overseen directly by The Pokémon Company. Pokémon Masters is due for release on iOS and Android later this summer.

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