Pokemon Masters EX’s "Family Ties" Event Begins Today

After an extremely successful first year and the subsequent rebranding into Pokemon Masters EX, the popular mobile game has no reasons to slow down, and the next in-game event “Family Ties” is set to start today. Three new five star Sync Pairs from the Alola region are here to step onto the battlefield – and perhaps sort out their family issues in the process.

The new trainers are Lillie, Gladion, and their mother, Lusamine. They’re coming with the respective partner pokemon Clefairy, Silvally, and Pheromosa. Given the theme of the event, fans of the Alola region games can expect that the family trio is going to need a bit of time to work their many, many issues out if they’re hoping to compete on the same level as other family units. Despite the family fighting with both an Ultra Beast and the pseudo-legendary Silvally on their side, Gladion is shocked by their quick defeat in the trailer.

Onto the more technical details of the event (particularly those sweet sweet summons) many fans have been dismayed to learn that all three Sync Pairs for this event will be on separate banners – especially painful as they come right after the release of the Sygna Suit versions of the extremely popular Kanto trio that a lot of Pokemon fans probably shelled out their hard-earned gem stashes for. Others simply feel that four star units have been left in the cold as the bulk of new units have been five stars or pity three stars like James.

As for their value in combat, Pheromosa looks to be just as much of a glass canon as it was in the main games, boasting sky high attack and pitifully low defenses. Despite being the first Ultra Beast added to the game, most are saying it’s nothing to write home about without proper set-up. Silvally boasts better utility than Pheromosa, but with significantly worse stats in most regards. While the type-changing is a unique gameplay element, players will have to be careful choosing the time and place to use it. Finally, Lillie and her Clefairy offer great team-buffing utility for accuracy, albeit slightly outclassed by Alakazam in most cases.

Whether you pull for them in game or not, every player can look forward to seeing the family’s efforts to reconcile play out in full when the “Family Ties” event goes live tomorrow.

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