Pokemon Legends: Arceus – The Best Places To Farm EXP

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus shook up the classic Pokemon game format, giving us a wide world and wooden Pokeballs. In this world, there are countless Pokemon all yearning to be leveled up by you. If you are looking to quickly level up your Pokemon, we are here for you.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at the best ways to farm experience in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This is meant to be quick, however, you can also level up your Pokemon in a normal fashion by just battling and catching Pokemon that you see. First, let's take a look at what gives you experience.

Gaining Experience

Like other Pokemon games, you will gain experience from battling other Pokemon and trainers. In this game, there are not as many Pokemon Trainers in the world, but there are countless amounts of Pokemon roaming around the Hisui region.

New to Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you can catch a Pokemon by simply throwing a ball at it. This will give you experience, allowing you to level up Pokemon without engaging in battle.

You can also use experience candies to level up your Pokemon. These can be purchased in Jubilife Village, however, you can earn them for free by completing requests or defeating Alpha Pokemon.

Alpha Pokemon

Now, let's get to farming experience. The best way to farm experience is to defeat Alpha Pokemon. These are the giant, red-glowing Pokemon that appear around the map.

Alpha Pokemon are pretty strong but will give a lot of experience when defeated or captured. Additionally, they may also drop some experience candies.

For more information on Alpha Pokemon, check out this guide, which lists the location of every Alpha Pokemon in the game.

Catching Blissey

In nearly every Pokemon game, catching or battling a wild Blissey will yield a lot of experience. This holds true for Pokemon Legends: Arceus as well.

By catching a high-level Blissey, you will be able to quickly level up your entire party.

To boost the experience gained from Blissey, we recommend defeating the Alpha Blissey within the Obisian Fieldlands. This Blissey is level 62, and can be found at the location shown on the map above.

Catching Pokemon During Mass Outbreaks

The final way to farm experience is to catch as many Pokemon as possible during a Mass Outbreak. If the Pokemon in the outbreak are relatively high-leveled, you will gain a decent amount of experience from catching them.

To maximize the experience you earn, we recommend positioning yourself so the Pokemon in the outbreak can't see you (crouching in grass), and then throwing out tons of Pokeballs to catch as many as possible.

As an added bonus, the more you catch Pokemon in an outbreak, the higher your chances of finding a shiny Pokemon. This makes catching Pokemon during a Mass Outbreak a good way to earn experience and shiny hunt at the same time.

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