Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Everything You Need To Know About Shiny Hunting

Pokemon Legends: Arceus takes pokemon trainers on an unexpected journey through time, all the way to the ancient region of Hisui. With many adventures to face and mysteries to uncover, there is no end to the fun you will find at exploring, capturing, and combating across these vast lands.

Related: Pokemon Legends: Arceus Has Terrible Graphics And We Should All Keep Saying It While you can find common, legendary, and mythical pokemon in this game, a separate category is the incredibly rare shiny pokemon, different-colored versions of your usual pocket monsters that you can find roaming around in the wilderness if you're lucky enough.

What Is A Shiny Pokemon?

Shiny pokemon are differently-colored variants that you can find very, very rarely in the wild. First introduced in the Pokemon Gold and Silver games, their rate of appearance was so ridiculously low, that obtaining a shiny pokemon was an immense thing to flex in the face of all your friends, and also meant that you were either incredibly lucky or inhumanely persistent.

Across the decades and after many generations of games, several changes in the overall quality of life were recently introduced to acquire a shiny pokemon at least a bit more accessible for trainers. From breeding pokemon belonging to different regions to unlocking the prized Shiny Charm, these changes mean there's no better time than this to obtain these rare pokemon, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus takes things even further with the various outbreaks across the region of Hisui.

What Is Shiny Hunting?

To put it simply, Shiny hunting is the informal term referring to the most effective way to farm shiny pokemon, taking advantage of several values and mechanics that are present in the game. The base shiny rate is 1 in 4096 encounters if you don't take into account any extra factor. Be not afraid, however, since several mechanics will ramp up these rates, giving you an advantage under certain conditions.

Pokedex Research Levels

As you progress through the game, you will capture different pokemon that will fill your Pokedex with new data. By successfully capturing more specimens or fulfilling special objectives in their pages you will level up their entries, which in turn will improve the shiny rates to 1 in 2048 at level 10, and to 1 in 1024 at Perfect research level (you will notice that the poke ball icon in the entry will have sparkles now). Keep in mind that any boost will affect every entry individually since you level them up separately.

Shiny Charm

The shiny charm has been a mandatory item for shiny hunting since the XY games, given the dramatic boost that it provides. In Legends: Arceus, this Key Item can only be obtained once you took every Pokedex entry to Research Level 10, except for Darkrai and Shaymin. Once you successfully added the shiny charm to your inventory, your shiny rates will now be 1 in 819 normally (since every entry must be at level 10) and 1 in 585 if you have a Perfect research level.

Mass Outbreaks

From time to time, a Mass Outbreak will show up on the map before you get out of Jubilife Village, showing a picture of the pokemon you will find in the outbreak. Once you arrive at the place, you will notice a group of pokemon hanging out in a group of four, and every time you capture one another will show up and replace it. The shiny rates in outbreaks will be dramatically multiplied, showing an incredible spawn probability of 1 in 158. This will be further improved by leveling up your Pokedex entries to the max, and even more with the acquisition of a Shiny Charm, to a possible maximum rate of 1 in 128.

So, at the end of the day, the shiny rates are the following:

Normal Values In a Mass Outbreak
Base Rate 1 in 4096 1 in 158
Level 10 Research Level 1 in 2048 1 in 152
Perfect Research level 1 in 1024 1 in 141
Level 10 Research Level + Shiny Charm 1 in 819 1 in 137
Perfect Research level + Shiny Charm 1 in 585 1 in 128

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