Pokemon: How To Create The Perfect Galarian Team

Pokemon Sword and Shield are the latest mainline entries in the Pokemon series. Releasing on the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019, this entry has become one of the best selling Switch titles. Fans of all ages have flocked to this release en masse, as it is the first title in the franchise to see a home console release.

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While the game has been out for over a year, players are still aiming to become the best Galarian trainer. To become the Galar region champion and beat the game’s two expansions, players must assemble a well-rounded team capable of facing many trainers and enemy Pokemon.

Choose A Strong Starter

As with every generation of Pokemon, trainers will have to select a starter to accompany them on their journey through the Galar region. This generation’s choices are Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. Grookey is a Grass Type, Scorbunny is a Fire Type, and Sobble is a Water Type. While Scorbunny is often seen as the standout member of this generation, each member is a solid choice in their own right. Just make sure that future team members complement your starter Pokemon.

Level Up Your Team

While making your way through the Galar region, make sure to train your team consistently. It can be easy to fly through the game’s content without providing ample experience to a Pokemon. Hasty trainers will find themselves in battles with gym leaders and bosses underprepared. Take time to head over to Max Raid Dens and the Wild Area intermittently to boost your team’s abilities and pick up a few new members along the way.

Don’t Rely On A Single Pokemon.

It can be tempting to select a starter and focus on training them exclusively, as no starter, this generation is terrible. Fight this urge. When you get new Pokemon, train them and use them regularly. Having a well-rounded team is the key to overcoming each of the game’s challenges. This is even more true in the late game, where trainers often brandish Pokemon of all types and strengths. Ensuring that your team has a Pokemon for the many situations that will come your way is quintessential.

Choose Pokemon With Different Strengths

Choosing six random Pokemon isn’t enough to overcome the game’s challenges. Players will need to select teams with a variety of skills. Some Pokemon are strong attackers, while others are stalwart defenders. If you’re looking for a tank, try Snorlax. Maybe select a Chandelure if you’re looking for a special attacker. It’s important to understand each of your team members’ strong suits when assigning them to your team. If a member isn’t working out, don’t be afraid to head into the Wild Area and grab a replacement.

Delegate Roles For Your Team Members

A great way to be prepared for trainer encounters is to predetermine what situation you’ll use each Pokemon in. If you know you’re going against a heavy attacker, it might be a good idea to start with a pokemon with high health that can take the damage, like Snorlax. If you’re dealing with an exceptional defender, try a physical attacker to counter. Knowing your opponents is just as important for the planning stage, so study any patterns you see throughout the game and adapt as best you can.

Get Pokemon With High Potential

Once you’ve completed the main game, the next task is to grab even stronger Pokemon. This involves comparing EV/IV values of Pokemon. The easiest way to see these stats is unlocked after beating Leon in the Championship Match. Afterward, players will gain access to the Battle Tower, an endgame arena where they can test their skills.

After winning six matches, players can check each Pokemon’s Stat values. Try to grab some team members with the ‘Best’ on their stats. Heading to five star Raid battles often yields powerful Pokemon that can Dynamax and exhibit these impressive IVs.

Grab Some Version Exclusives

Some of the most impressive Pokemon that players can select this time around are the version exclusive entries. These are Pokemon only available in one version of the game or another. In this case, SirFetch’d is exclusive to Pokemon Sword, and Galarian Ponyta is only available in Pokemon Shield. Each of these Pokemon would make excellent entries to a trainer’s team.

Participate In Poke Jobs

Once trainers have secured a robust Pokemon set, the next step requires them to train them in level and statistic yield. One great way to help these stats flourish is by taking on Poke Jobs. These can be found in Pokemon Centers. Head over to the PC and select the Poke Jobs.

Here trainers will be able to improve base stats by letting their Pokemon take on jobs. Trainers can send several of their Pokemon on a job at once. Each of the stats has jobs dedicated to them. Choose how long you’d like to send Pokemon on a job, and the longer the trip, the more points EV points they’ll receive.

Grab A Pseudo Legendary

It’s hard to go wrong when choosing a Psuedo Legendary. These Pokemon are almighty entries in the franchise that are difficult to find and take patience to evolve. Pokemon Sword and Shield introduce the impressive Dragapult as this generation’s pseudo legendary.

Players interested in a Dragon/Ghost type with his own unique ability and absurd attack and speed will love this fantastic Pokemon. Players will have to find its earliest evolution, Dreepy, in the Lake of Outrage and train it to level 60 to get this powerful entry. Thanks to the DLC, older powerful Pokemon like Dragonite return and can be found in the wild.

Choose Reliable Moves For Your Team

Just as important as powerful Pokemon would be abilities that accommodate their strengths. In Pokemon, a reliable move that lands are far more impactful than strong actions with lesser accuracy. Select actions that are sure to hit, as a miss can cause your team member’s end. Prioritize signature moves like Dragapult’s Dragon Darts. Players will also want to have a variety of move types. Try not to have only one move type on any Pokemon, as this can be punished.

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