Pokémon GO: Team Rocket Leaders February Lineups & How To Win

For a criminal organization, Team Rocket is very polite about keeping to a schedule. So polite, in fact, that they give Pokémon GO players a good idea of what to expect in battle. Every month the villains change their lead Pokémon, and players share the changes to help each other emerge victorious. The February switch happened (almost) on schedule, and players are already reporting what new Pokémon Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra have added to their lineups.

Thanks to several reports on Pokémon GO subreddit The Silph Road, we know that Arlo now leads with Mawile, Cliff leads with Pinsir, and Sierra leads with Beldum. We also know that there were some issues with the monthly team switch as of February 3. Make sure you update your game to the latest version if you want to take on these new Shadow Pokémon.

Cliff can also have Electivire and Tyranitar. There’s not much of a common theme here so you’ll have to pack an equally varied team. A Rock-type is a great pick against Pinsir. Perhaps upcoming Community Day star Rhyhorn will be of assistance once it’s evolved. A Ground-type could do some damage to Electivire and Tyranitar. A Swampert should be a good closer due to its decent bulk and Water/Ground combination.

Good luck! And don’t forget, every one of these new Shadow Pokémon can be shiny!

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