Pokemon Go Team Rocket invasion and Shadow Pokemon update LIVE

UPDATE ONE: From what is being shared online, Team Rocket and the new Shadow Pokemon are found in special PokeStops that are discoloured and are a shade darker.

These special PokeStops are also indicated by their strange movements on the map and require Trainers to enter them and spin the PokeStop to launch the Team Rocket encounter.

Niantic has also confirmed that Team Rocket Grunts should appear outside the Stop, making it possible to choose to battle from the map view.

When this has been done, Pokemon Go players need to battle a Team Rocket Grunt, and its Shadow Pokemon, which can be captured afterwards.

Trainers can then Purify the Shadow Pokemon using Stardust and candy, which can change its charged move from Frustration, to Return.

Purifying a Shadow Pokémon will also make it stronger and reduce the amount of Stardust and Candy required to Power Up, Evolve, or learn a new attack.

The Pokemon Go Team Rocket Invasion has now been announced by Niantic, with no end date currently posted.

ORIGINAL: In a new update this week, Niantic has begun the big Team Rocket invasion event.

While Niantic hasn’t posted anything online yet, Pokemon Trainers are confirming seeing their first Shadow Pokemon.

“I wonder if that’s less dust than the shadow form, which costs three times as much as normal,” one Trainer asks online following the news of a Shadow Charmander catch.

Another adds: “Wondering this as well. Are there any rewards for purifying them?

“Are there any negatives for NOT purifying them? It seems power up dust/candy is the same, so from the screenshots, I’m seeing it doesn’t seem like there’s a reason to actually do it.”

Gamers on Android and iOS are also reporting encounters with Team Rocket at different Pokestops around the map.

“I’m not 100% if these are the right stops for the Invasions, but I was seeing these dark Pokestops on my map,” one user adds.

“I opened two Pokestops; the first one is a normal one and the second one is the dark one.

“Note the darker shades shifting on the Pokestop. This specific Pokestop was dark for about 8 minutes (I’m assuming triggered by another player?) then went back to normal.

“There’s now another one nearby that’s been up for ~20 minutes.”

As mentioned above, Niantic has not posted anything online yet about this new event and what it will include.

But with reports of it going live, it won’t be long before we learn more about the Team Rocket Invasion.

There is a chance that Niantic has started the Invasion by accident and will roll back today’s changes and update.


From what has been shared by data miners, it looks like Team Rocket grunts will be available to battle at PokeStops.

Having fought and beaten these new enemies, they will sometimes leave behind a Pokemon that you can capture.

The difference with these Pocket Monsters is that they will be Shadow Pokemon that have had their stats pumped up by unnatural means.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet but fans suspect you will need to lift this Shadow effect by interacting with the Pokemon.

it seems likely that Shadow Pokemon will be purified by some kind of mechanism that fans already know about, such as adding them as a Buddy.

A new Special Research Quest is also expected to be part of the Team Rocket event, which has yet to be given a release date.

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