Pokemon Go Roselia Community Day: Everything You Need To Know

Pokemon Go is having another community day in less than a month, and this community day will be centred around Roselia, the tiny flower-sporting Pokemon. Roselia certainly isn’t my favourite Pokemon, but the opportunity to catch a whole mess of Roselia, in addition to a few cute Budew, is something I just can’t pass up.

As with all of Niantic’s community days, during this community day you can expect a lot of Roselia and a whole bunch of special features and quests that will only be accessible for the duration of the event. To find out everything you need to know, just scroll down and read below.

When Is The Roselia Community Day In Pokemon Go?

The Roselia community day takes place on February 7, 2021, from 11 am to 5 pm – and this applies to your local time, not a special timezone. Only a few weeks to wait from now until you can fill up your Pokemon storage with Roselia.

Earning A Special Roserade

If you evolve Roselia into Roserade on the day you will be given access to a Roserade that know Weather Ball – the Fire-type version of the move – and Bullet Seed, making this Pokemon a fast attacker with a fiery charged attack.

Will There Be Shiny Roselia?

Yes, shiny Roselia will be out in full force, in addition to shiny Budew and shiny Roserade, of course. If you want a shiny Budew you should be looking to hatch as many 2km eggs as possible on the day and cross your fingers. Luckily any eggs placed in an incubator during the event will only require 25% of the usual distance, so only 500m. Easy.

If you want a shiny Roserade you should be aiming to catch a shiny Roselia and evolve it.

Stop And Smell The Roselia – Limited-Time Special Research

You will be able to undertake the special research Stop and Smell the Roselia, but you should know that entrance to this special research will cost you $1, or your regional equivalent, so get ready to open your wallet if you want to make the most of this. Though, luckily, if you have purchased the Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto Event ticket from the shop then this will include the Roselia special research.

Other Things You Should Know About The Roselia Community Day In Pokemon Go

You should know most of what you need by now, but there are a few other things you should know. For example, even if you don’t care much for Roselia, you can make the most of the Sinnoh Stones that will be available for completing timed research tasks.

There will, as you can imagine, be a one-time purchase Roselia Community Day Box, which includes the following items…

  • Elite Fast TM
  • Incense x4
  • Super incubator x4
  • Ultra balls x30

That will cost you 1,280 PokeCoins – big ouch.

Finally, taking snapshots during the community day may reveal a “surprise” but we’re not sure what that is yet, exactly. Not a bad community day all told, but perhaps not the one that fans were hoping for.

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