Pokemon Go Players Aren’t Happy With "Pay-To-Win" Events

Pokemon Go has been a monster hit for both Niantic and Pokemon since it launched more than six years ago. Despite being free-to-play, it has quite literally brought in billions for both companies. However, evidence is starting to mount that the number of paid events on its calendar, which effectively make certain elements of Pokemon Go pay-to-win, is starting to drive people away.

That evidence comes in the form of posts by players on the Pokemon Go subreddit (thanks, Stealth Optional). The post begins with a spotlight on Niantic holding three paid events already during the current season. Notable since the latest season of Pokemon Go only started three weeks ago. While paying for and taking part in the events isn't mandatory, doing so gives players more bonuses and opens up new opportunities.

A particular sticking point of the events is the timed research, a big reason to fork out for a ticket. Completing that research not only results in additional items to aid you on your quest to catch 'em all, but in many cases earns you a confrontation with a rare Pokemon. While many players don't seem to mind paying for an event every now and again, three in three weeks is proving a little much.

As trainers have shared their dismay at feeling like they need to spend more money in-game, some have been theorizing why exactly there has been an influx of paid events. One possible explanation is that Pokemon Go hasn't been hitting its financial targets in 2022, and loading up ticketed events in the final few weeks of the year is a transparent attempt to try and boost revenue before the new year.

A risky move whether that is accurate or not as it appears a number of formerly loyal players are now considering moving on from the massively popular mobile game. On the bright side, at least players are venting their frustrations in a healthy way by discussing the problem with others on Reddit. Earlier this year, a Pokemon Go community manager was sent violent threats over the game's temporary Bluetooth shutdown.

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