Pokemon GO May 2019 Research Quests Rewards: What are the May 2019 Field Research Quests?

April Field Research Quests –

It’s possible that the May Research Quests don’t change. In which case you’ll want to know what the existing field research quests are. Well here you go:

Battle Field Missions & Rewards

  • Battle in a Gym: Mankey or Mankey encounter
  • Battle in a Gym 5 times: Machop encounter
  • Win a Gym Battle: Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle encounter (shiny chance up)
  • Win 3 Gym Battles: Jynx encounter
  • Win 5 Gym Battles: Lapras encounter
  • Battle in a Raid: Drowzee encounter (shiny chance up)
  • Win a Level 3 or Higher Raid: Omanyte encounter or Kabuto encounter (shiny chance up)
  • Win 5 Raids: Aerodactyl encounter (shiny chance)
  • Use a Super-Effective Charge Attack 7 Times: Electabuzz encounter

Catch Field Missions & Rewards

  • Catch 10 Pokemon: Magikarp encounter (shiny chance up) or Houndour encounter (shiny chance up)
  • Catch 5 Pokemon with Weather Boost: Vulpix or Poliwag encounter
  • Catch a Dragon-type Pokemon: Dratini (shiny chance up)
  • Catch 5 Fighting-type Pokemon: Magnemite encounter
  • Catch 5 Normal, Electric or Poison-type Pokemon: Starmie encounter
  • Catch 7 Flying, Psychic or Dark-type Pokemon: Anorith encounter
  • Catch 10 Ice-type Pokemon: Kabuto encounter (shiny chance up)
  • Catch 10 Ground-type Pokemon: Sandshrew encounter (shiny chance up)

Berry Field Missions & Rewards

  • Use 5 Berries while catching Pokemon: Growlithe encounter (shiny chance up)
  • Use 5 Razz Berries while catching Pokemon: Cubone encounter (shiny chance up)
  • Use 10 Pinap Berries while catching Pokemon: Magikarp encounter (shiny chance up)

Pokeball & Throw Field Missions & Rewards

  • Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a row: Spinda encounter
  • Make 5 Nice Throws: Bidoof encounter or Voltorb encounter
  • Make 3 Great Throws: Gastly encounter (shiny chance up), Lileep encounter or Anorith encounter
  • Make 3 Great Throws in a row: Onix encounter
  • Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a row: Spinda encounter
  • Make 3 Excellent Throws in a row: Larvitar encounter (shiny chance)

Pokemon Management & Evolution Field Missions & Rewards

  • Evolve a Pokemon: Eevee encounter or Sunkern encounter (shiny chance up)
  • Power up a Pokemon 5 times: Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle encounter (shiny chance)
  • Use an item to evolve a Pokemon: Aerodactyl encounter (shiny chance)
  • Trade a Pokemon: Manectric encounter
  • Transfer 3 Pokemon: Vulpix encounter
  • Earn 5 Candies walking with your Buddy: Tentacruel encounter
  • Send 2 Gifts to Friends: Gastly encounter (shiny chance up)

Egg Hatching Field Missions & Rewards

  • Hatch an Egg: Snubbull encounter (shiny chance) or Exeggcute encounter
  • Hatch 3 Eggs: Magmar encounter
  • Hatch 5 Eggs: Chansey encounter (plus 3 Rare Candy)
  • Pokemon Go

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