Pokemon Fans Demand Scarlet & Violet Refunds

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is out, and it's being met with a mixed reception, to say the least. Now, as it becomes clear that the game is full of glaring bugs and performance issues, players are demanding refunds, with some even apparently being granted them outside of the usual rules.

This comes after launch day was filled less with excitement, and more with disappointment. Everything from catching Pokemon, teaming up with friends, and even just walking around Paldea falls apart with framerate drops, severe character model bugs, and textures taking far too long to load. Due to this, fans are complaining to Game Freak and Nintendo en masse, with the most dedicated even encouraging others to send handwritten letters to the developer's HQ.

"Just got approved for an eShop refund for my Pokemon Scarlet preorder. If you're not liking the game, I urge you to do so as well," writes Reddit user sellouthipster. Here, they explain how they were granted a refund, which involved speaking with Nintendo's customer support and saying you don't want to play the game in its current state.

Head_of_the_Bordello managed to secure a refund too, despite having a digital purchase.

"If you bought this on the Nintendo eShop just know you can call in and get a refund," they explain. "They said it would be a one-time exception to their digital refund policy, however." It's, therefore, possible that this won't apply to everyone, but according to the replies, some others have managed to get refunds too.

In perhaps the most dramatic thread in the subreddit right now, one fan encourages the community to take it even further, trying to start a campaign against Scarlet & Violet.

"We need to be vocal, and not just on here," says salacious_scholar. "If we're loud, and people who don't go on Reddit are also loud, we may be able to make some small difference. This is just plain unacceptable."

They encourage fans to use every available avenue to make their thoughts on the game known: "Write cohesive, well thought out tweets and emails. Handwritten letters too if possible."

"I have already received my refund. I am hoping that on top of the refund, we can get them to give us more wiggle room with their return policy for this specific game. This is an unfinished product, and no one should have to have any issue with receiving a full refund."

Nintendo and Game Freak are yet to respond to these criticisms of Pokemon Scalet & Violet.

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