Pokemon BDSP Dialogue Implies Berries Are Made From Poop

Pokemon lore runs deep. Knowing everything there is to know about the more than 900 Pokemon alone is something that could require the same amount of research as a PhD if you let it. There will be countless tidbits of info out there that will take even the most hardened Pokemon players by surprise when they learn them, such as the reveal that a woman in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is making berries out of poop.

Okay, that isn't technically what's happening, but what appears to be some unaltered dialogue in the remakes certainly makes it seem that way. In Diamond & Pearl, you can buy mulch from the berry master's wife. The problem with that when it comes to BDSP is there isn't any mulch, so the unnamed woman sells berries instead.

That all adds up until, as highlighted by Mx_Toniy_4869 on Reddit, the NPC starts to speak. In Diamond & Pearl, she hints that the mulch is made by combining soil and Pokemon poop. Those lines haven't been changed for the remakes which means, as you can see below, the woman hands over some berries while implying they're made from the same ingredients as the mulch she sold years ago.

You could argue that's okay since a number of animals eat their own poop, although it's unclear if that reality has been pulled into the Pokemon world. A lively debate over whether this was forgotten dialogue or not has erupted in the comments. Some fans seem to think the mulch-turned-berry seller is referring to the dirt in which she grows the berries. Certainly a defense the game's creators could make if anyone confronts them about this.

That lively debate has devolved into a discussion about which Pokemon poop would be best for growing berries. There's a spinoff game Pokemon hasn't tapped into yet. It's also something you can mull over as you peruse the Pokemon art exhibition coming to Manchester next month. Perhaps there will be someone in an official capacity there we can ask to clear this up once and for all.

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