PlayStation Plus free games update: Grab new PS4 and PS5 bonus before November

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Gamers looking for some extra items to add to their favourite free games are in luck, as Sony and its partners have put together more PS4 and PS5 bundles for PlayStation Plus.

Subscribers browsing the PlayStation Store have confirmed that a new operator pack for Call of Duty Warzone and DLC content for Mortal Kombat X are available to download today.

These items are free to download and use as part of an existing PS Plus subscription and can be claimed today, instead of having to wait until November.

This is when Sony’s next PS4 and PS5 free games will be released, although we already know that there will be some interesting changes made to the usual formula.

While subscribers can look forward to two more free PS4 games, the tech giant has also confirmed that they will be adding three extra Virtual Reality games.

This means there will be at least five games to download next month, with the possibility of another bonus PlayStation 5 title being added into the mix.

Based on Sony’s traditional reveal schedule, the PS Plus free games will be announced on October 27 at 4.30pm BST.

This means the games will be available to download and play from the morning of November 2.

And while it’s a shame we have to wait a little longer for the next batch of games to be announced, that does leave plenty of time to download all the extra freebies available.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Combat Pack (Motorpool) comes with seven items that will be added to your COD account and include the following:

  • Epic Operator Skin for Kwan Song
  • Epic Tactical Rifle Blueprint
  • Epic Emblem
  • Epic Wrist Accessory
  • Epic Sticker
  • Epic Calling Card
  • 60-minute Double XP Token

Meanwhile, the Mortal Kombat X DLC is available to anyone who owns the game and can be found while searching the PlayStation Store.

It was recently revealed that Sony is experimenting with new technology that could make it possible to stream PS5 games.

And if this was something that could be achieved in the next year, it would give console owners something new to splash their cash on.

PlayStation Now is Sony’s video game streaming service and currently allows for PS4 games to be played using an internet connection on consoles and PC.

It doesn’t support PlayStation 5 titles, and that’s not a massive blow considering how few next-gen games there are right now.

But by the end of 2022, there will be a growing demand for PS Now to be upgraded to offer something new.

And with the latest PS Plus lineup taking such a pummeling from the PlayStation fanbase, it might be a good move to build an alternative for those bored subscribers to switch to.

The current PS Plus games include Hell Let Loose, PGA Tour 2K21 and Mortal Kombat X, all of which will be available to download throughout the rest of October.

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