PlayStation Has Filed A Patent For Adaptive AI

PlayStation has filed an interesting new patent that could potentially help players struggling through difficult sections of their favorite games. First discovered by SVG, this new patent is for technology that will affect the difficulty of an opponent based on how well or badly a certain player is performing. The AI will either get easier or more difficult depending on how skilled the player is.

It seems like after the release of almost every FromSoftware title, that there are discussions surrounding how difficult video games should be, with some claiming all games should have accessible difficulty options and others claiming that the developers should not have to compromise their original visions. With this new patent, Sony could build it into the game to constantly adjust the challenge depending on the individual player.

It’s not out the question for Sony to introduce later on in the generation. The PS5 already has a number of new features designed to help people in-game. One of the biggest mechanics introduced when the PS5 UI was first revealed was the in-game help system which allows players to quickly lookup hints on how to beat certain fights and where certain collectibles are located. Making games easier to play is Sony’s thing at the moment, so the company introducing adaptive AI into more challenging titles isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Of course, it’s worth noting that this is just a patent and doesn’t necessarily mean that upcoming PlayStation titles will feature adaptive AI, but it’s clearly something that Sony is thinking about. Of course, more accessible titles mean more sales and this idea for adaptive AI could open up more difficult PlayStation titles–like Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls remake–to more casual gamers.

However, PlayStation does have a tendency to file a lot of patents. Just recently, PlayStation also patented the idea of audience participation for its PlayStation VR system, allowing players outside of the VR headset to participate in VR games. PlayStation has also filed patents for more ambitious ideas like letting PS5 players leave each other in-game notes, using the cloud to emulate older titles, and even AI that can emulate a player’s skill and behavior if that player were to “rage quit.” Whether this particular patent ever sees the light of day is yet to be determined, but it does look promising at the very least.

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