Players Debate Whether Dead Space Has Become The Gold Standard For Game Remakes

Players have been discussing the potential of the recently released game Dead Space to become a new gold standard for modern remakes. While some have been expressing their support for the idea given the strong storytelling and atmosphere in addition to the updated graphics and gameplay, others have been expressing their concern given that remakes frequently spoil the legacy of popular franchises.

The news comes from a growing thread on the platform Resetera. “I wanted to start a discussion about Dead Space as a remake and about video game remakes in a broader sense, especially horror games remakes,” the original poster, SzymboraWisławska, remarked about the matter. “Mostly because of the sentiment which I found repeated in various reviews that this is from now on a gold standard for modern remakes.”

The overall feeling is one of widespread support for the remake, but numerous players have expressed a desire for Dead Space to be handled with care going forward, notably if the sequels are eventually remade. Some have suggested that remasters might in fact be preferable to remakes on this particular point.

The debate has largely revolved around the issue of whether or not a reproduction represents a better choice than a reinterpretation, players noting the importance of understanding the reason for remaking a video game in the first place. “While it’s not a one-to-one remake that only settles for graphical updates, it remains extremely faithful to its source material and instead of cutting and butchering some of its defining parts (like Resident Evil 3 remake or even Resident Evil 2 remake did), it introduces changes that help with strengthening these parts,” SzymboraWisławska explained about Dead Space.

“I personally was always a bit skeptical about the recent Resident Evil remakes,” SzymboraWisławska said. “Resident Evil 3 as a remake was for me a complete disaster and while Resident Evil 2 is for me a nine-out-of-ten game and a good remake, I still feel like some potential was wasted.” SzymboraWisławska went on to say in comparison with Dead Space that “I wonder whether more people now” are going to start looking at "Capcom's work with a more critical eye."

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