Players Are Taping Chopsticks To Their Controllers To Get Achievements In Battletoads

Rare’s Battletoads features a small handful of three-player co-op achievements, and since the game doesn’t support online multiplayer, some players have had to take creative measures in order to earn these achievements by themselves. One player, QuixoticRocket, had the ingenious idea of taping chopsticks across the buttons of three controllers to control all three Turbo Bikes at once.

Battletoads has three achievements that require three-player local co-op, an achievement hunter’s worst nightmare. Two of these achievements – “Jeffortless” and “Three is the Magic Number” – are very easy to unlock completely by yourself by just turning on three controllers, and that is what many players have been doing, as both achievements have very straightforward requirements. The third achievement, however, posed more of a problem. “Live and Let Drive” requires three players to all survive for five straight minutes on the Turbo Bikes without crashing.

The Turbo Bikes are controlled by steering with the left stick and jumping with the A button, but despite the simple controls, it can still be difficult for three players to survive for five straight minutes. Twitter user, QuixoticRocket posted his solution to this, using sticky tack to connect the left sticks and A buttons of three controllers together, allowing him to easily play the game entirely by himself.

Other gamers have found ways to solo this achievement, with some people remapping the jump button to clicking in the left thumbstick, and then awkwardly controlling three controllers’ thumbsticks with two thumbs and an index finger, but QuixoticRocket’s solution is way cooler, way simpler, and way less arthritis-inducing. He was able to basically hold the middle controller and play the game as normal, making the achievement – currently the rarest in the game – an absolute breeze. Work smarter, not harder.

Finding incredibly clever ways to get out of needing to do hard achievements is basically Tuesday for achievement hunters, so it was inevitable that someone found a way to do this for the achievements in Battletoads. With everyone stuck in quarantine, arranging a three-player local co-op session is a bit harder than usual, so this was needed now more than ever.

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