Play Through Sonic Frontiers As A Sentient, Overpowered Gun With This Mod

While there have been guns in Sonic games in the past (looking at you, Shadow), the blue blur doesn't really need them. He's also never needed to be a gun. That hasn't stopped one particular modder from making that a reality in Sonic Frontiers, and the hedgehog is more than just a gun in appearance. Gun Sonic packs a hell of a punch too.

CryoGX is the modder responsible for this bizarre Frontiers mod, and you can download and try it out for yourselves right now through GameBanana. As well as transforming Sonic into a floating gun, the mod will also make the game considerably easier. That's because when you're a gun instead of a hedgehog, it only takes one hit to kill absolutely everything, even the final boss.

“I was like 'wouldn't it be funny if there was a gun? and it like, instakilled everything?'," CryoGX writes in the mod's description. Why yes, as you can see in the short clip below showing exactly how the mod looks and works, it is pretty funny. Gun Sonic is shown easily smashing every enemy it comes across, and when you have collected all of the Chaos Emeralds, the gun turns super, which in this instance is just a bigger gun that looks a little bit like an assault rifle.

Commenters on the mod have questioned whether it could instead be Sonic holding a gun rather than replacing the entire character. That doesn't seem a likely change that will be coming soon as CryoGX has made it clear in the description that this will be their last mod for a while. There are plenty of other mods out there from other people though, including one that does quite the opposite of this gun one by adding an impossible mode to the game.

Other mods include adding Shadow to the game, and another that turns Frontiers' story into one big pizza delivery job. Away from the Sonic mod scene, Frontiers' creators have revealed the game's Giganto boss fight took five years to develop, and that its combat was almost based on Bayonetta and Devil May Cry.

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