Plague Inc. Surges To Top Of App Store As Coronavirus Continues To Spread

In an unusual, yet interesting turn of events, mobile game Plague Inc. has recently dominated mobile game app charts – and for a good reason. Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the strategy simulator has seen an increase in downloads as well as in-app purchases. This propelled it to the top of the charts, dethroning Minecraft as the number one app.

The information comes from, who got the initial report from mobile advertising analytics tool Apptica. According to Apptica, the outbreak and spread of the Coronavirus, which initially started in Wuhan, China, has increased Plague Inc.‘s popularity. Since the app itself is a simulator of how a virus, disease, or infection can spread, the Coronavirus’ outbreak made a lot of people curious, thus prompting them to download the app and give it a try.

Plague Inc. toppled Minecraft back on January 23, essentially demonstrating the popularity of the app itself, not to mention the widespread knowledge of the Coronavirus. Considering the fact how popular Minecraft is, and how it was the number one paid app on iOS in the US for the majority of 2019, shows the impact of the Coronavirus as a whole. As far as devices go, it has been reported by Apptica that the largest amount of downloads from the App Store was accumulated from players in the US and China, while on Google Play it was players in the US and Russia.

Developer Ndemic Creations has issued a statement warning players to look elsewhere for essential and important information regarding the Coronavirus. In other words, Plague Inc. shouldn’t be seen as a realistic simulator of the Coronavirus, and people should seek credible information from health organizations instead if they want to stay informed.

It’s safe to say that sooner or later the Coronavirus will be properly handled and eradicated. As such, Plague Inc.‘s popularity will start to go down and Minecraft will most likely climb back to the top. In the meantime, however, while news about the Coronavirus continues to make headlines and spread all over the internet, Plague Inc. will continue to infect the hearts and minds of gamers.

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