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Pixel Gun Tower Defense is a Roblox tower defense game inspired by Pixel Gun 3D, a game all about using a range of different 3D pixelated guns. You can collect characters, combine them with weapons to make new powerful towers, and then complete various levels that get harder and harder the more you play.

We check our codes every day, and there are usually new Pixel Gun codes when there's a new update.

We checked for new codes on January 10.

All Pixel Gun Tower Defense Codes





3000 money

Active (NEW CODE)


2000 money doublers



5 free money, 1 2x money, and 1 exp doubler



50 money doublers



50 money



50 exp doublers



400 money, 500 money doublers



500 Coins



750 cash



250 cash


How To Redeem Codes In Pixel Gun Tower Defense

  • Load up the game
  • Complete the tutorial if you haven't already
  • Go to the main menu
  • Click Codes on the right side of the screen
  • Type the word "code" followed by the code you want to redeem – for example, type "code money" instead of just "money."
  • Enjoy!

If your code doesn't work, it's probably because it is expired. The codes, so far, do not last long in PGTD. You'll have to come back and check again soon for a new code. Just make sure you have copied and pasted the code correctly from our list, too!

How To Get More Pixel Gun Tower Defense Codes

If you want more codes, just make sure to bookmark our page and check back regularly. We keep an eye on codes, so you don't need to. For more info on the game, including codes and upcoming updates, join the community Discord.

What Are PGTDC Codes?

Pixel Gun Tower Defense codes are typically handed out by the developers over at CDK Development for free rewards in the game. They're usually released when there is a new update or the game hits a like milestone. We're not sure yet when the next code will be released.

What Is Pixel Gun Tower Defense?

Pixel Gun Tower Defense is a little different from other Roblox tower defense games. Rather than just pick a single character, you get to combine characters with different weapons. This gives you a bit more versatility when it comes to picking your defense!

The game is still relatively new and going through its first major updates. You can keep track of what's happening with the game in our latest update section below.

Latest Pixel Gun Updates

This is one of the first major updates for the game – it includes balancing changes to make the game harder, a reintroduction of the sandbox mode (play as you want mode), and better skill updates. Check back soon for more info, or visit the game's official page to get stuck in.

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