Pikmin 4 demo release date: Here’s when you can play Nintendo Switch exclusive

If you’ve finished Tears of the Kingdom and are looking for a new Nintendo Switch game to sink your teeth into, then the imminent release of Pikmin 4 should keep you busy. The next major Nintendo Switch release has a July 21 launch date exclusively on the Nintendo platform. However, fans can play Pikmin 4 early, as Nintendo gets ready to release a demo later this week. Available free of charge, the pikmin 4 demo has a June 29 release date and an estimated 3pm BST UK launch time.

The free demo will give fans the chance to play an early portion of the game. Progress will carry over to the full release in July.

Nintendo explains more: “Immerse yourself in this floral adventure when the free demo launches on June 29th!

“Download it directly from this page and transfer your progress to the full game.”

The new Pikmin sequel gives players a new canine companion named Oatchi, who can smash obstacles, transport heavy objects and even carry Pikmin on his back.

A first for the series, the introduction of Glow Pikmin means players can explore the environment at night.

If you’re new to the Pikmin series or want a refresher ahead of the launch of Pikmin 4, Nintendo has released the original two Gamecube games on Nintendo Switch.

Available individually or as a double-pack, the Nintendo Switch re-releases feature upgraded visuals and modern controls.

Similar to the Wii versions released back in 2009, Pikmin 1 and 2 also support motion controls with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.

The release of the first two Pikmin means fans can purchase the entire series on Nintendo Switch.

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