Persona 5 Strikers: How To Make Money

Like with most games, you’ll need plenty of cash in Persona 5 Strikers to keep the Phantom Thieves decked out in the best gear that the shops can offer. As well as weapons, accessories, and armor, there are also consumables that you’ll want to invest in too, such as medicine.

Yen is also the easiest way to fill the Persona Inmate Registry, as you can summon any Personas you’ve already obtained with yen, and can then immediately trash them to get some Persona Points so you can level up your Personas for fusion. Naturally, you’re going to be needing to stay a little flush, so here are some great ways to farm money.

Repeatable Requests

The easiest way to get a lot of yen in one go is by taking advantage of repeatable requests. There are many kinds of requests that offer yen rewards, such as repeating boss fights (the Painful Past requests or the Powerful Shadow requests), or the Thief Challenges. However, the best kind of request to make money is the Junk Collection requests, with Part 9 offering the most yen as its reward — 120,000 yen.

As with any of the Junk Collection requests, you simply need to head to the dungeon listed on the request and collect enough of the requested items. These can be found in the floating purple cubes or dropped from enemies.

Treasure Demons

Treasure Demons are a rare enemy in the Metaverse that are prone to fleeing. You only have 30 seconds to defeat a Treasure Demon once you have engaged it in battle, but defeating one earns you lots of experience points, yen, and rare items. While these are difficult to farm due to their rarity, you can increase the odds of them appearing with a Bond Skill and they should be noted for their value, so if you see one — make sure you defeat it.

Upgrading Bond Skills

There are a few worthwhile Bond Skills that you can purchase and upgrade to enhance your money-making capabilities. Listed below are the Bond Skills that we recommend, including skills that increase the number of items obtained so you can sell them or hand them in for requests.

  • Extortionist: Increases money obtained at the end of a battle.
  • Highwayman: Increases change to obtain items at the end of a battle.
  • Packrat: Junk parts become easier to obtain.
  • Treasure Hunter: Increases chance to encounter Treasure Demons.
  • Safecracker: Allows more difficult chests to be picked open.

Additionally, utilizing the “Smart Shopper” Bond Skill ensures that more items are on sale via Sophia’s shop, saving you yen in the long run.

Farming Money in Jails

The best way to farm money in Strikers is by using a combination of the above money-making schemes. Pick your most lucrative request (likely the Junk Collection Part 9), upgrade your Bond Skills, and then farm your way through the Jail, defeating all enemies and collecting all items. At the end of it, you can hand in your request, as well as sell off anything else you have collected too.

As treasure chests respawn, be sure to grab any that re-appear during your farming session, and if you’re lucky, you might even bump into a few Treasure Demons. Then simply rinse and repeat as needed.

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