Persona 5 Royal: How To Defeat Holy Grail

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You’ve already come across the Holy Grail in Persona 5 Royal when you got down to The Depths of Mementos, but during that infiltration, the Phantom Thieves were unsuccessful. The will of the people seems to be in for a totalitarian rulr that erases any possibility of being led astray.

But you’re not going to just rest on defeat so close to the end, are you? There are more things for Joker and friends to do to save Japan from surrendering their free will, so follow along below for help on taking out the Holy Grail once and for all.

Preliminary Information

It’s important to note that, once you tell Morgana you’re ready to take on the Holy Grail a second time, you will not be able to back out. Before you approach Round Two with the Holy Grail, be sure you’re ready for the endgame.

You’re able to visit Lavenza outside the Velvet Room to top off your party’s HP and SP before going into the fight. We’re hoping you’ve already got a good supply of healing and revival items because you can’t go shopping again until 1/9 (assuming you’ve completed everything necessary for the third semester added in Royal). Assess what you have, and start building your party.

The Holy Grail has no affinities, so every move, magic or physical, hits normally.

You’re going to be without one of your party members for the first few turns of this fight, so be sure to bring someone along who packs a punch but who you can endure a few turns without. Additionally, be sure your team has a healer. You’ll be sustaining a lot of damage ahead – you’re fighting the will of an entire country here – so be prepared.

There’s not much you can do in the way of social rankings now, but be sure to make use of Hifumi Togo’s ability to swap party members. You can do this on Joker’s turn with her at Rank 1, but if you’ve got the Star confidant to Rank 10, you can do it on any party member’s turn.

Finally, be sure to hit the Velvet Room to equip Joker with Personas to cover gaps in your party’s ability to deal damage. He’s a great catch-all, so stock him with some powerful Personas before heading into the fight to boost your chances.

Fighting The Holy Grail

Just like when you fought it before, Holy Grail will attempt to use Will of the People again – this time, right out of the gate. To counter this constant healing ability, Joker will have to choose a party member to send off with a Special Order to go cut the tube connecting it to the People.

As with other special missions, this teammate will be missing from the direct battle for three turns. It’s advisable to not send whoever you’ve brought in as a healer, as Holy Grail can do a lot of damage.

Below is its list of moves, so you can prepare.

Attack Effect
Will of the People Completely recover Holy Grail's HP (when connected to the supply line).
Arrow of Light Colossal almighty damage to one foe.
Diffraction Arrow Colossal almighty damage to random foes with a chance to inflict forget.
Light Edge Colossal almighty damage to all foes.
Gathering Light Charge for Eternal Light
Eternal Light Colossal almighty damage to all foes (after charging).

While your Thief of choice is off severing the supply line, the rest of the party can't do much damage to the Holy Grail (since it can still recover fully until the line is totally cut off). Use this time to buff the party and debuff The Holy Grail for the action stages ahead.

Once the supply line is cut, The Holy Grail is on its own without the ability to heal, so now, the real fight can begin.

Without much in the way of affinities, the bulk of dealing with The Holy Grail after its supply line is cut is outright dealing damage to it with whatever method you prefer.

There's another fight immediately after this, and you will not have time to heal before it. Therefore, if you can conserve your SP here, it's advisable to do so, as the next phase will require a lot of it.

The two new attacks it can use in this phase are Gathering Light and Eternal Light. Gathering Light charges up the attack for Eternal Light, so when you see Holy Grail using Gathering Light, guard to minimize the damage from the follow-up move.

All you've really got to do is keep your party alive while dealing damage. Without any tricks left, this is a relatively straightforward fight. It uses almighty magic, so there's nobody's specific weakness to guard against or keep in mind, and it doesn't have strengths or weaknesses of its own, either. Find a pattern that works for your team and deal damage to it until The Holy Grail goes down.

And then, enjoy the anime cutscene, because you're in for one hell of a fight after it's finished – The Holy Grail was but the first stage of the final boss fight.

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