Persona 4 Golden: How To Defeat Shadow Teddie

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While everyone’s favorite sidekick bear is usually your friend in Persona 4 Golden, you do end up needing to fight Teddie’s Shadow before long. In fact, for as prevalent as Teddie has been to the beginning of the game, he won’t join your battle squad until you take out his shadow.

But the fight in P4G can be tricky for a number of reasons, between when it takes place and Teddie’s weaknesses (or lack thereof). For some help getting through the battle of attrition that is the fight with Shadow Teddie in Persona 4 Golden, you’ve come to the right place.

While we focus on combat in our boss shadow guides, this guide may contain story spoilers for Persona 4 Golden.

Shadow Teddie Stats And Attacks

With the right amount of planning ahead of time, the fight against Teddie’s Shadow can very easily turn into something of a waiting game.

Recommended Level And How To Get Ready

Shadow Teddie enters the fight at Lv. 35, so we’d recommend being of a comparable level.

You won’t have time to grind between the fight with Shadow Rise and the one against Shadow Teddie, so be prepared ahead of time.

Below, you'll find a full affinity chart for Teddie's Shadow in P4G, including his moveset and the pattern in which he uses them.

Persona Affinity Table Key




This shadow is strong against this element, and attacks of this element deal less damage.


This shadow is weak against this element, and attacks of this element deal more damage.


This shadow will repel attacks of this element, reversing the damage onto you.


This shadow will nullify attacks of this element, and as such, they deal no damage.


This shadow will gain health from attacks of this element, so attacks of this heal the shadow.

Attacks of this element deal normal damage to the shadow.

Shadow Teddie Affinity Chart

Affinities and Weaknesses













Skills and Attacks


Medium ice damage to all foes

Heat Wave

Medium physical damage to all foes

Nullity Guidance

Moderate almighty damage and dizziness to one enemy, which grants the user an extra turn

Nihil Hand

Heavy almighty damage and dizziness to all enemies, which insta-kills anyone already dizzy

Ultra Charge

Two-turn charging move for Nihil Hand


Nullifies stat boosts given to all foes


Nullifies stat decreases on all allies


Decreases all enemies' defenses for three turns

Mind Charge

The next magic attack will deal 250 percent damage

Ice Break

Negates a foe's ice resistance for three turns

Foolish Whisper

30 percent chance to inflict silence to all foes

Recommended Party Setup

You’ll likely take a good amount of damage in this fight, so it’s a good idea to have some healing and revival items.

To conserve yen and items, Yukiko is a great healer, so be sure to make ample use of her Dia, Media, and Diarama skills that she’ll have learned by Lv. 33.

Yukiko learns Recarm as well, which revives a fallen ally to half their health.

Because of this combination of moves, along with the remaining party members having a ton of powerful physical skills that require HP to use, Yukiko is invaluable to this fight.

Without any weaknesses you can exploit during the battle, Shadow Teddie can take damage from almost any element Yu and your party can use by now, regardless of your current party setup.

The only hiccup with this is with Chie, who specializes in ice magic, which Shadow Teddie drains. Chie also has several good physical attacks, so it’s wise to conserve her SP and have her play the role of a striker in the battle against Shadow Teddie if she's in battle.

Thankfully, Shadow Teddie is damaged normally by physical, fire, electric, and wind moves, and between Yu and the party, you’ll have ample access.

However, this is the first dungeon where you've had some choice in party setup, a benefit you'll want to use again to be ready for the fight against Teddie's Shadow.

If you're able to swap Kanji for Chie, at least for this particular fight, you'll avoid having to deal with her ice weakness altogether. Kanji uses electric magic, which can still damage Shadow Teddie normally, and has a wide selection of physical attacks as well.

If you do want to bring Chie along, have her focus on physical moves.

And while your team and their affinities are pretty set in stone, Yu’s weaknesses change with his Persona.

Because of this, if you can use a Persona with ice resistance, Shadow Teddie can only hurt Yu with his physical moves.

Watch out, however, for which of the Personas in your stock have a weakness to physical or ice damage, as these are Shadow Teddie's bread and butter in the fight. Don't give him any more weak spots to exploit!

As long as you keep everyone alive and in decent health, the fight is a matter of simply exchanging damage and being the first to do the most.

Shadow Teddie Battle Strategy

Shadow Teddie’s Attack Pattern

While Teddie’s Shadow is indeed capable of dealing massive amounts of damage to your party, he’s nothing if not predictable. While he won’t always attack in a pattern, he’s infamous for pairing attacks in something of a pattern.

  • If he uses Marakunda, he’ll use Heat Wave on the next turn.
  • When he uses Mind Charge, prepare for everyone (especially Yukiko) to be hit with Mabufula.
  • Two turns after Ultra Charge, Shadow Teddie will use Nihil Hand.

The only thing that stops these patterns is if Shadow Teddie's sequence is interrupted by dialogue that triggers at certain points in the battle, such as getting him below a percentage of HP.

The good thing about Teddie attacking in something of a predictable pattern in P4G is that you can anticipate his moves. Since you won’t have many party setups, it’s wise to know what’s coming, so you can protect the appropriate teammate.

The real problem you may face here is with Yukiko, who has a weakness to ice magic that Shadow Teddie can and will exploit. However, without many options to reorganize the party, she’s coming into the battle with you.

Cover Yukiko when you know Mabufula is coming to prevent Teddie’s Shadow from gaining a free move with a One More.

How To Deal With Silence

One of the most irritating attacks in Shadow Teddie’s arsenal is Foolish Whisper, which can and regularly will inflict your team with Silence.

Silence is a massive inconvenience mid-battle, as it prevents you from changing Personas. And while that issue is really only for the protagonist, silence also prevents the use of your Persona, meaning that even those who can’t use your wildcard ability will be impacted if afflicted.

If you have anyone who knows Amrita, when someone is silenced is the time to use it. And if you’re without any skills to cure silence, Mouthwash will also do the trick.

Mouthwash can be obtained from Trance Twin enemies in Yukiko’s Castle, or purchased from Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities on television on 5/22.

Be sure to cure silence as soon as possible, so the battle can proceed! Thankfully, Shadow Teddie does take damage from physical attacks, meaning it’s not the end of the fight if someone is without their Persona, but it’s definitely not ideal.

Cure your silence and lay on the damage, and the fight against Shadow Teddie will be over in no time.

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