Persona 3 Portable: How To Defeat Rampage Drive

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The very first guardian you’ll face off against in Tartarus, Persona 3 Portable serves up a real challenge when it makes you fight Rampage Drive in the first block of Tartarus, called Thebel. You’re almost to the end of your first chunk of the game’s mega-dungeon, but to get there, you’ll have to handle Rampage Drive first.

This behemoth has been giving fans problems since vanilla P3 launched in 2006, an early-game boss that really tests players before letting you proceed. For tips on how to beat Rampage Drive in P3P, follow along with our guide below.

Rampage Drive’s Stats And Attacks

Below, you’ll find a full affinity table for Rampage Drive in P3P, as well as a list of its moves so that you can be ready ahead of time.

Rampage Drive's Stats And Attacks

Affinities and Weaknesses

















Attacks and Effects

Assault Drive

Light Strike damage to one foe


Deals light Electric damage to all foes, with a low chance to inflict Shock


Increases the attack of one enemy

How To Beat Rampage Drive

Regarded as one of the more difficult early-game fights, Rampage Drive won’t go down that easily.

You’ll notice in the chart above that it doesn’t have any weaknesses, meaning there’s no element that you can exploit for an easy win. In addition to that, it’s impervious to all status effects except for Panic.

And when it comes to physical attacks, Rampage Drive is immune to Slash and Pierce damage, and it reflects Strike damage back to whoever tried to deal it. To keep the SEES Team safe during this famously tough battle, it’s best to avoid physical damage altogether.

A good way to take a good chunk of Rampage Drive’s HP away is to use a Magic Mirror if you happened to find one. These will reflect a magic attack, meaning Rampage Drive will be hit by its Mazio attack three times, since you have three party members.

Magic Mirrors can be found in treasure chests in Block One, but they’re rare, so don’t rely on having one.

How To Use Yukari And Junpei

The game will have told you how to do it already, but it’s not a bad idea to assume direct control of your team to help get them through this tough battle as smoothly as possible.

Since you’re in the early days of the game, Yukari and Junpei are your only teammate options for the fight with Rampage Drive, but they’re frankly not very good ones.

Rampage Drive deals electric damage, which is Yukari’s weakness. Rampage Drive is good at exploiting this fact, so it’s a good idea to have Yukari guard consistently to mitigate the damage she takes from electric magic and prevent her from being knocked down.

Not allowing it to knock Yukari down will stop Rampage Drive from gaining One More attack.

It does enough damage when it takes its regular turn, so don’t give it a bonus turn, too.

And when it comes to Junpei, he does an excellent amount of physical damage, but that’s not going to help you in this fight, with Rampage Drive’s immunities.

If you assume direct control of Junpei, you can instruct him to use Agi instead of trying to deal physical damage. It doesn’t do much damage to Rampage Drive, but some is definitely better than none.

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