Persona 3 Portable: How To Defeat Dancing Hand

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By the time you find the Dancing Hands in Persona 3 Portable on Floor 10 of the Thebel Block, you’re likely no stranger to the ins and outs of battling in Tartarus in P3P. Your second mini-boss fight will take place a little more than halfway through the dungeon, but it poses an even bigger problem than your last.

The Dancing Hands enemy has very few weaknesses in P3P, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t find any. For tips and tricks on how to speed through the Dancing Hands fight in Persona 3 Portable, you’ve come to the right walkthrough.

Dancing Hand's Stats And Attacks

Below, you’ll find a full list of all Dancing Hands’ attacks, as well as its full affinities chart.

Dancing Hands' Stats And Attacks

Affinities and Weaknesses


















Attacks and Effects


Light fire damage to one foe


Light ice damage to one foe


Light electric damage to one foe


Light wind damage to all foes

Strike Attack

Standard attack dealing Strike damage


Medium chance to inflict Panic to all foes


Slightly restores HP to one ally

Dancing Hand Battle Strategy

One look at the affinity chart above reveals the problem most players run into when facing off against the Dancing Hands mini-boss in P3P – you have no magic attacks that can hit them.

Additionally, while you can’t really hit them with anything elemental, the Dancing Hands can use four elemental attacks against you. This may be a problem, as they have access to every element to which your teammates are weak.

Yukari’s wind magic makes her weak against electricity, and Junpei is the exact opposite with his weakness to wind.

Your protagonist’s weakness, however, will change with the Persona he or she has out for the battle.

Whichever Persona you’re currently using, you have their weakness. Keep this in mind when making your selection.

Exploit Dancing Hands' Strike Weakness

Thankfully enough, Dancing Hand is weak to Strike damage.

If you have Orpheus at the front of your stock to use in the fight against the Dancing Hands, you can easily down the Dancing Hands by using Bash. This will cost a flat seven percent of your HP, but each time it lands, it will down one of the Dancing Hands.

The best strategy here is to have your protagonist summon Orpheus and continue to use Bash against the Dancing Hands.

Exploit the weakness to get all three down, and you’ll find yourself eligible to use an All-Out Attack.

However, if your protagonist’s attack misses, you’ve got a chance to either have Yukari and Junpei deal physical damage, ideally both focusing on the same Dancing Hand to lessen the number of them on the field sooner.

If your protagonist is in bad shape with their HP from spamming Bash, Yukari can heal using her turn by using the skill Dia. Use the skill and select which of your teammates to use it on.

Proceed in this fashion with your protagonist exploiting the Dancing Hands’ Strike weakness and following it up with some healing from Yukari when necessary.

Focus on one Hand at a time for an easier time dispatching them all, and the battle will be over before long.

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