Pentiment: How To Find The Secret Door To The Library

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Murder mystery Pentiment is a point-and-click RPG set in Medieval Europe. You play the part of Andreas Maler, an artist working at an Abbey who finds himself unwittingly embroiled in a murder. When his friend and mentor is accused of murdering a visiting Baron, Andreas begins to investigate to clear his name.

The investigation leads Andreas to several suspects from both the Abbey itself and the local village. As he gathers clues and information from all manner of characters, one area of the Abbey seems that it may offer some much-needed answers. But only a select few nuns are allowed in the library. So, how do you find the secret door to the library?

Warning: The information about the secret door to the library contains some plot spoilers. Please be aware of that if you intend to read on.

Where Is The Secret Door To The Library?

If you want to find out about the Secret Door from the game itself, speak to Lucky while he’s working in town. He’ll tell you that while he was working in the Crypt at the Abbey, he accidentally bumped into something that opened up a door. However, you don’t need to have this conversation to find the secret door yourself.

The secret door itself is in the Crypt beneath the Abbey, the door to which you’ll find in the Church. Once inside the Crypt, walk right until you get to the last tomb. Investigate it to take a closer look at the main panel. When you hover the mouse over certain parts of the image, the mouse hand will glow red. If you click on the key, you’ll hear a click and discover it is actually a doorway.

Simply finding the secret door to the library is worth 15 Gamescore points as an Xbox achievement, and it is one of more than 40 achievements if you’re playing on PC on Steam. However, at this point, you cannot use the secret door. You need some more information before you can proceed.

How Can I Use The Secret Door To The Library?

To get into the library, you’re going to need to do further investigation into Prior Ferenc. It becomes obvious early on that he is doing something secretive. After speaking to Sister Illuminata in the library, you can retrieve the manuscripts you see Ferenc hide in the podium in the Scriptorium. He is using some kind of secret cipher to code messages. You can find the cipher itself in the Prior’s House, which is in the Old Bailey.

Once you have the cipher, you’ll get a journal update suggesting that if you can find your way into the library after dark, you may be able to find a book to help with it. The path will now be open for you to use the secret door into the library, as long as you go back into the Crypt once the game clock ticks over into nighttime.

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