PC Players Can Expect The Last Of Us Part 1 "Very Soon" After PS5 Launch

The Last of Us Part 1 is bringing Naughty Dog's PS3 hit to PS5 in September, but there's no word from the studio on when we can expect the PC port. However, senior environment texture artist Jonathan Benainous has said that we can expect it soon after.

"Glad to hear you're hyped man!" Benainous tweeted in reply to a fan saying they're excited to play The Last of Us on PC (thanks, PCGamesN). "PC version should come out a bit later, but very soon after the PS5 release!"

Naughty Dog confirmed that a PC port was underway last month, and it's the first time that The Last of Us has ever come to PC. It follows on from another Naughty Dog game, Uncharted, and remakes of its older platformer, Crash Bandicoot, bringing much of its library to PC. But, as has happened in the past, the PC port is expected a little after the PS5 launch.

Benainous joined Naughty Dog back in 2020 as an environment texture artist and has since helped out on The Last of Us Part 1, a ground-up remake of the original PS3 launch. Amidst the flood of leaks and unofficial reveals, Benainous has made several comments on Twitter.

"It was disheartening to see our game come to light in such a way this week," Benainous wrote. "After all these years of working in the industry, I never get used to it! But I'm proud we're finally able to share this gameplay trailer in HD and show all the hard work the team put into it!"

He cites the Rotunda Room, Capitol Building, and Subway as some of the levels he worked on in particular, which he adds he's "really proud" of. The Last of Us Part 1 releases later this year in September, just in time for the Halloween season.

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