PC Building Simulator Getting NZXT DLC So You Can Build A Dream Rig Without Paying

NZXT and The Irregular Corporation have come together to bring premier PC parts to the first, and perhaps only game that allows gamers to build their rig without the cost or the payoff. PC Building Simulator will now feature parts from the hardware giant as NZXT provides their line of computer cases, liquid cooling and RGBs galore to the workshop simulator.

In a press release, NZXT said: “PC building is a foundation of NZXT and that is why they are proud to work closely with The Irregular Corporation to create this new alternative workspace for use in Career or Free Build mode. Steeped in NZXT’s design DNA, the NZXT workshop highlights NZXT’s product lines including the award-winning Kraken Series of all-in-one liquid coolers, RGB products, and the H Series line of cases. Now anyone can build the extraordinary.”

NZXT joins Razer and ROG as featured products in the odd simulator, but the satisfaction of building a tank of a computer without having to shell out money hand over fist is pretty neat. With the ability to customize cases with currently available products and deck out units with enough RGB lights to give Santa Claus a seizure, PC Building Simulator shows what a dream computer looks like and can help dream builds come that much closer to life.

While it’s no Untitled Goose Game or even Goat Simulator, PC Building Simulator is a respectable title in its own right and is giving players the satisfaction of not only building PCs, but running their own workshops outright using the parts from some of the most popular hardware companies in the industry. Though the game won’t make players a walking Genius Bar or Geek Squad, it does give a better understanding of what it takes to build and maintain high performance machines.

For $5.99, it’s a good buy for those who are actively interested in building, modding and repairing their own machines or even to brainstorm on what their ideal build will look like. With NZXT joining the fray, the experience is more complete than ever, so there’s no excuse to light it up and build the rig of your dreams.

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