Pathfinder Adding Weaponized Wheelchairs, Hearing Aids, And Other Items For Disabled Player Characters

Talking to the Danger Club Podcast on February 9, Paizo creators Eleanor Ferron and Luis Loza revealed that the next edition of Pathfinder will be considerably more inclusive to the disabled community. They mentioned that they will be including mobility aids to the game, both as a practical use for disabled characters and as fun weapons and magical items in-game.

Pathfinder was launched in 2009, and first edition is still played today. It’s become a massive competitor to D&D, even managing to outsell it a few times between 2011 and 2014. Fans adore its coherence and attention to detail, and the versatility that it allows in character customization and homebrewing content. The second edition premiered a decade later in August of 2019, and built on the customization aspect while clarifying and tightening up the rules.

This new supplement, called Lost Omens: Grand Bazaar, is set to release in June, and while the creators aren’t saying anything definite about the structure yet, they are saying that not only do they want to add more interesting items and gear, they want the game to be more accessible to their disabled player base. New material included in the update range from new NPCs with story hooks to accessibility aids like canes and hearing aids. Loza mentions that players will be able to provide their characters with whatever they need on a daily basis without as many limitations.

One really cool and highly anticipated addition is wheelchairs – which might be unexpected until you realize that they can be enhanced magically. The creators detailed the possibility of a “battle chair,” complete with gladiatorial chains or spikes. Loza even talks about a Minotaur wheelchair which stores magical energy to be released mid-combat to ram opponents into the dirt.

Particularly astute Pathfinder players might wonder if they can add runes – encapsulated magic – to their chairs. And the early verdict? Yes, yes you can…potentially. Ferron is quick to say that she “do[es]n’t want to write checks [they] can’t cash” before the book is published, but she’s sincerely hoping you’ll be able to add magic to your chair to make flaming chainsaw wheels.

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