Pascal’s Wager Releases The Tides Of Oblivion Expansion On iOS & Android

A new adventure awaits in Pascal’s Wager as the game just released The Tides of Oblivion expansion. More characters and enemies are introduced in this new DLC for both iOS and Android devices, giving fans more to explore in this brutal action-RPG title.

Pascal’s Wager is an action role-playing game similar to the popular Dark Souls series. Navigating a world filled with darkness where the light is dim and people have started to lose their sanity, players can control four characters with their own set of skills and combat modes. The game has dozens of enemies and epic boss fights as gamers explore various hidden locations on a three-dimensional map. With a powerful soundtrack, cinematic storytelling, and multiplayer modes for competitive and co-op gameplay, Pascal’s Wager offers one of the best gameplay experience on any mobile device.

The much anticipated DLC has players traveling through the harsh environment of Icthyosauria as the new playable character Jerold. The expansion adds some new animation and skills that enhance the gameplay of the original game. According to the developer Giant Network’s site, this will be the biggest DLC in the game so far. Players will join Jerold on a journey to save his home in Icthyosauria, a unique location that is very different from the lands of Solas.


In order to get access to Tides of Oblivion, players will have to purchase the game from their mobile device’s app store. Once they do, they will have to make a visit to the Holy Tower in Katib, where Jerold will be waiting to request joining their company. Once the invitation is accepted, players must complete the stories in the Edith chapter and then head over to see Jerold at Edith’s shores. This follows the success of the previous DLC Deep Into the Dark Mist. The Tides of Oblivion is ready to play now for just $2.99 at the App Store and Google Play. The main game is still available for purchase at a reduced price of $3.99.

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