P.T. Was Backwards Compatible On PS5, But A Mysterious Publisher Pulled It

P.T. the ill-fated “Playable Teaser” for a new Silent Hill game – called Silent Hills – is one of the saddest artifacts of missed opportunity in video games. A collaboration between Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and movie director Guillermo del Toro, the short demo was a promise of a new kind of bone-chilling horror game.

Unfortunately, it was never meant to be. Shortly after the demo released, Kojima and publisher Konami had a nasty public split. The game was lost forever, but at least we still had P.T. – well, until Konami pulled it from the PS Store. But at least those who had downloaded it before were free to do so again and play it whenever they wanted. The PS5 review embargo just lifted and some critics had tested P.T. on PS5, but a mysterious publisher has since put an end to the dream forever.

Polygon played P.T. via backwards compatibility on PS5 during the review period, but now there’s a note on the game when you access it via PS5 that simply says “Playable on PS4”. When the reviewer tested it, he noted that there weren’t any performance upgrades like what we’ve seen in games like Dark Souls 3 on PS5, but it played without any issues that would result in it being pulled. When reached for comment, Sony stated that its removal from PS5 compatibility “was a publisher decision”. Konami, why do you have to do us like this?

All hope isn’t lost, however. P.T. and its vision of a new Silent Hill might be more dead than me every time I meet Pyramid Head, but there are rumours doing the rounds that a Silent Hill game is being revealed at the Game Awards next month. Now that would be nice, wouldn’t it?

This makes up for the other, lesser-known Silent Hill game that was in the works before P.T. – yes, Konami reportedly cancelled that one as well. Why? I haven’t the foggiest. Little fog joke for you there. No worries.

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