Overwatch patch notes for Summer Games 2019 event LIVE

Today’s new Overwatch update is out now and brings some big changes to the game on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The most significant change of all is the surprise release of the Summer Games event, complete with new skins.

But not only can you unlock old and new outfits via Loot Boxes, but you can also earn cosmetic rewards through Weekly Challenges.

These will be available to complete over the three-week event and provide a new way to earn items.

The Summer Games is a big part of today’s update, but Blizzard has also made some other changes too.

While there have been no tweaks made to existing heroes, the Overwatch Workshop has seen a notable number of bugfixes released today.

These can be found in the official Overwatch patch notes, which have been helpfully shared by Blizzard.

The Workshop has also seen a number of updates made to it and most of are connected to improving server performance.

Blizzard has given gamers new tools to keep an eye on server performance while scripting, making it easier to work out ongoing issues.

You can read about all the big changes below in the official Overwatch July 16 patch notes:



  • Added the ability for scripters to measure the server performance of the current game instance.
    • Three new values make this possible:
      • Server Load – Provides a percentage representing the CPU load of the current game instance.
      • Server Load Average – Provides a percentage representing the average CPU load of the current game instance over the last two seconds.
      • Server Load Peak – Provides a percentage representing the highest CPU load of the current game instance over the last two seconds.
    • As these numbers approach or exceed 100, it becomes increasingly likely that the game instance will be shut down because it is consuming too many resources.
    • A new preset example displays these values as HUD text in the upper-left corner of the screen. The rule in the preset can be copied into other scripts to help identify performance problem areas.
    • When a game instance shuts down due to excessive Workshop script load, a new error message is displayed in the chat window (instead of the “unexpected error” message).
    • Additional strings added.


      • Fixed a bug that could cause players who have selected a hero during the Hero Select Phase to have their hero deselected when the Setup Phase begins.
      • In spectator mode, health and armor types are now properly displayed in the order they are consumed when taking damage.
      • Color blind – Fixed a bug that caused incorrect default colors to be applied to the objective UI depending on when you attack or defend while having only 1 color blind color set.
      • Orisa’s Supercharger, Baptiste’s Immortality Field, and Ashe’s own Dynamite are now valid targets for aim assist.


      • Fixed a bug that caused “Set Invisible” to function incorrectly for Reinhardt when using secondary fire while viewing in third person.
      • Custom Game: Fixed a bug that could cause AI bots to become stuck on their way to the capture point on the Oasis: University map.
      • Fixed the “Disable Built-In Game Mode Respawning” and “Set Respawn Max Time” actions.
      • Custom Game: Fixed a bug where Widowmaker’s Venom Mine damage wasn’t affected by custom game damage scalars.
      • Fixed a bug that caused controllers to lose focus when deleting a rule, action, or condition that is not displayed on screen.
      • Fixed a bug that caused an “Invalid Options” error message after importing some older workshop share codes.
      • Disabling certain actions no longer cause an infinite loop.


      • Fixed a bug that caused the FOV button to not function when watching a replay.
      • Fixed a bug that caused player outlines to disappear when skipping or scrubbing while following a player in first person or third person.
      • Fixed a bug that caused hero effects to remain on screen when skipping ahead while paused.



      • Fixed a bug that allowed certain heroes to become stuck in the roof outside of Point B.
      • Fixed a bug that allowed some heroes to float between building rooftops near the Point A choke.

      Havana (PvP)

      • Fixed a bug that allowed a defender to enter the attacker’s spawn room (left exit, 2nd attack spawn room).


      • Updated lighting for highlight intros.



      • Fixed a bug where Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix was not boosting healing effects.


      • Fixed a bug where Seismic Slam could fail to register.


      • Fixed a bug where D.Va’s Defense Matrix would fail to absorb projectiles around a corner in certain circumstances.


      • Fixed a visual inconsistency with Baptiste’s head with his Spec Ops skin equipped.


      • Fixed a bug that could cause a dead Hanzo’s bow to appear floating above the ground, when that Hanzo had his Kabuki skin equipped.


      • Fixed a bug where Roadhog’s chain would sometimes not render in first person.


      • Fixed a bug where Moira’s Coalescence would sometimes not render in first person.
      • Fixed a bug where Moira was still briefly visible after using Fade.


      • Fixed a bug where Sombra’s Translocator would be on cooldown after respawning.
      • Fixed a bug where an enemy could sometimes use an ability if Sombra hacked them while they were already hacked via EMP.


      • Fixed a bug that made it possible to use Torbjörn’s Molten Core and hammer at the same time.


      • Fixed a bug that caused Winston’s nameplate and health bar to be covered by his body when he used Primal Rage.

      Wrecking Ball

      • Fixed a bug that allowed Wrecking Ball’s mines to be destroyed by an enemy Wrecking Ball rolling through them without taking damage.


      • Fixed a bug that caused Zenyatta’s in-game and highlights portrait to not display his Zen-Nakji skin.

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