Overwatch Map Bug On Gibraltar Creates A Bulletproof Sniper Nest For Widowmaker

One Overwatch player recently discovered a bug that allows Widowmaker to hide behind an invisible, bulletproof barrier.

Generally, with games as big as Overwatch, glitches and exploits that undermine competitive integrity seldom see the light of day. However, the Overwatch development team is still human, of course, and once every so often players will find and make ample use of a game-breaking bug. One of those players was recently spotted at a sniper position around the third point of Watchpoint: Gibraltar, which offers sightlines onto the enemy team from behind an invisible object that can block seemingly-on-target enemy fire.

Reddit user DaPharSydeToo first shared a video of the exploit to the Overwatch subreddit, which features him trying to attack an enemy Widowmaker only to have their shot blocked by the invisible object.

In the video, the red team’s Widow places a venom mine on the invisible barrier, of which the ensuing Reddit thread debated the use. Some commenters drew attention to a known and likely-intended strategy used by some Widowmaker players where they place their venom mines in a position so that it covers their head’s hitbox from a counter-sniper’s ideal line of sight.

Based on both evidence in the video and further testing by additional Reddit users, this is not a simple case of a player using this strategy, but a position that, simply put, offers an unfair advantage. Were the venom mine to have been placed to block incoming headshots, it would have been destroyed by the first shot in its general vicinity. In subsequent tests described in the thread, perfectly-aimed shots were unable to destroy a venom mine placed in a similar position. Commenters speculated that the enemy Widowmaker in DaPharSydeToo’s clip placed the venom mine in order to first locate the invisible object to find cover behind it.

The good news is that once exploits like these are brought to the public eye, Blizzard usually patches them out quickly. Assuming Overwatch‘s developers didn’t intend for snipers to be able to hide behind an invisible object, this exploit likely will not remain in the game for much longer.

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