Overwatch 2 Will Be Getting Changes To Ultimate Charges In Season 3

If you ask Overwatch 2 players what they would change in the game, chances are that they'd probably take things back to Overwatch 1. Aside from the unbalanced Heroes, faulty matchmaking, and a plethora of bugs, one of the things annoying many players is the 30 percent transfer of the Ult meter charge upon switching characters. However, it seems that Blizzard does have something planned for it.

As is the norm, one Overwatch 2 player was complaining about this system on Twitter, when executive producer Jared Neuss replied saying changes are coming in season three. "It's wild to me that the devs have refused to even acknowledge the disastrous effect the 30% ult charge transference has had on the game," Tweeted SVB. "Far from removing it, they haven't even talked about it anywhere & the tank experience has gone down the toilet since then directly bc of it".

To their surprise, Jared Neuss replied not only with news that this will change, but a short plan on how to improve communication between the devs and the players. "Changes are coming for this in S3! Details will be in the patch notes, if not earlier," he said. "The lack of acknowledgement isn't a lack of concern, just to be clear. It's much less interesting than that: We need better ways to communicate with players about issues like this."

Neuss went on to say that the studio needs to work out a way to communicate regularly, and in a way that is noticed by the community. As of now, it's either silence, a Tweet here and there by a single developer, or a long-form blog to explain a major update. This is hardly an optimal way to communicate with a community, especially that of a live service game.

"There needs to be a quicker middle ground. It's not a hard problem to solve, it just took a back seat to launch and 2023 planning for a bit," he added. "Great people are working on it now and, in the meantime, we'll keep jumping on twitter in-between meetings to fill gaps as best we can."

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