Overwatch 2 tips and tricks: How to crush the opposition in sequel

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Overwatch 2 is out now, and despite one or two server issues at launch, the free-to-play sequel is proving hugely popular with fans. Overwatch 2 adds three new characters, six new maps, and a seasonal Battle Pass system. Replacing the original game’s Loot Boxes, the Battle Pass gives players the ability to unlock new items and rewards, including skins, emotes, sprays and lots more. If you’re new to Overwatch or a returning player looking to raise your game and quickly unlock the best rewards, these handy hints from Activision will help you dominate the competition.

Move as a Team…

This might seem rather obvious – especially in an article about teamwork – but stick with your team. A large part of strategy in Overwatch 2 is picking the enemy team off, or wiping them out all in one movement, so that you can sweep through a capture point or objective.

If you have to fall back and regroup to go again, that’ll almost always be better than dying.

Stick To Your Formation…

DPS, Tank, Healer. This should always be the formation you move in – simple right?


We have left this section last to dedicate the most copy towards it. Communication is everything. A well-communicated team who can coordinate, will win games and move up the ranks. If you have a microphone and you’re serious about winning, use it. Obviously, use it with your friends but if you can, use it in random lobbies as well.

Even the smallest callouts to your teammates can be incredibly useful. Just something small like “xx hero is over there” or “Kiriko is weak” is crucial.

If you don’t have access to a microphone, utilise the in-game ping system. Whilst it takes some getting used to, once you start to use this regularly, it will become muscle memory and you will be able to ping crucial comms within seconds.

These can be the difference between ranks and wins.

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The Heat of the Moment…

We’ve all been there. Your adrenaline is pumping, you are fighting teams left, right and centre and your “Game IQ” goes out the window.

You make stupid decisions, rash decisions or worse, you freeze up. A simple question of “what next” or “what do I do” is so easy and you’d be surprised how many people are happy to help others. They can provide objective, calm answers and seriously help you.

Take Breaks & Have Fun…

You are playing a multiplayer first-person shooter; things aren’t always going to go your way. Things happen, you lose gunfights, games etc..

Take a few deep breaths, collect yourself and go again. Just take 5-minute breaks – your mod, stress and win/loss ratio will thank you. Plus, it’s a game, you’re meant to have fun

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