Overwatch 2 reveal due this year claims insider, as Starcraft FPS cancelled

Blizzard has reportedly been working on a new Starcraft game for over two years but has cancelled it in favour of Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Blizzard, makers of Warcraft and Overwatch, have been toiling away on an action game spin-off for Starcraft for years, but despite all the work they’ve ended up simply cancelling it.

All that happened before with Starcraft: Ghost, although at least that made it to early preview stage (it was demoed at two different E3s), whereas it seems this new game will never be seen in public.

According to Kotaku the game was codenamed Ares and was meant to be like ‘Battlefield in the Starcraft universe’.

According to the repot a prototype allowed you to play as a human marine fighting Zerg aliens, who were also eventually planned to be a playable faction.

Blizzard did respond to the story, coming surprisingly close to confirming the details: ‘We always make decisions about these things, regardless of the ultimate outcome or how things might be interpreted, based on our values, what we believe makes sense for Blizzard, and what we hope our players will enjoy the most’

Supposedly nobody was let go because of the cancellation, which happened alongside a new mobile project (not Diablo Immortal) that we also may never find out about.

The cancellation was apparently not so much because of the games’ quality but because Blizzard wants to concentrate all its resources on Diablo IV and Overwatch 2.

Although Blizzard has previously confirmed a new Diablo is in production there’s never been any official word on Overwatch 2, although the sequel sounds quite different to the original.

Supposedly it will concentrate on PvE (think Left 4 Dead) rather than PvP play, suggesting that the original game will continue to be supported and updated even after it’s released.

At the moment Blizzard’s plan is to announce both titles at Blizzcon this autumn, but nothing is expected to be revealed at E3 next week.

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