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The world of Overwatch 2 will give you a different experience every time you decide to play the game. This is because of the variety of objectives, heroes, and maps you can come across, each of them changing your play style completely.

Echo was created by Dr. Mina Liao to stop the monstrosity she helped in creating. In the end, she was Mina's legacy and her echo. This hero brings a whole new play style to the table, and she can support the team in many manners if you know the correct way to use her.

Echo's Role In Overwatch 2

There are a total of three roles you can select a hero from in Overwatch 2: Tank, Support, and Damage. Considering her lore and background, you'd think that Echo is all about supporting her teammates in defeating the enemy. You'd be surprised to hear that she's a Damage character in the game.

Just like every other hero from the Damage role, your job is to pick off the enemy's squishy characters whenever you get a chance while playing Echo.

She doesn't have any sort of supporting ability, so you need to ensure that you're reducing the number of enemies your team is dealing with.

Furthermore, Echo shares a special passive with all the other Damage characters, and it gives her extra movement and reload speed whenever she eliminates an enemy. This allows her to get away after catching a squishy out of position.

Echo's Abilities

Echo has a total of six abilities that include her weapon, active ability, ultimate, and her unique passive ability. Only a few characters in Overwatch 2 are lucky enough to get their exclusive passive other than the role passive, and Echo is one of them.

All of her skills differentiate her from the other characters in the game, and here's everything she can do:

Ability Name Ability Type Description
Tri-Shot Weapon Fires three shots every time you press the button to use your weapon. These shots are triangular, and they spread more as they travel more distance.
Sticky Bombs Active Ability Upon activating this ability, Echo will fire a bunch of sticky bombs in the direction she's aiming. The bombs will stick to the first target they hit, and they'll detonate after a short delay.

Every single bomb that she fires during this ability has its direction. This means that you can fire all of them in different directions whenever you use the ability.

Flight Active Ability Allows you to dash forward quickly for a second, and then you can fly freely for another three to four seconds. During this time, you can use your passive ability to get high up in the air.
Focusing Beam Active Ability As the name suggests, Echo will unleash a lethal beam in the direction she's aiming, and this beam deals extra damage to enemies below 50 percent health.

It only reaches a small distance, and its animation might make it look like the length is longer than it is.

Glide Passive Ability Whenever you're falling, this ability allows you to glide freely in the air. This allows you to make more distance as you fall, and it can also make it harder for enemies to aim at you.
Duplicate Ultimate Whenever you have this ability ready and activate it, you'll become the hero you're looking at. You'll be able to use all the abilities of the target hero, and they won't be able to switch characters during this.

Tips To Play As Echo

When you start using Echo in Overwatch 2, it'd not be a good experience because you'll most likely die a lot. She's a squishy character, and it's easier to overextend with her than it is with any other character. Furthermore, her lack of quick mobility makes her an easy target for enemies like Roadhog.

It can be quite a daunting task to learn this hero in normal games, which is why it's recommended to get the hang of her abilities in Practice. Furthermore, these tips will help you get used to her easily:

Her Normal Bullets Don't Have Hit Scan

Echo's weapon has quite a lot of elements to it, and they force you to consider every single situation even when you're simply shooting a trio of bullets. Here's everything you need to learn about them:

  • Her bullets don't have a hit scan. This means that you won't damage the enemies as soon as you shoot. Instead, you'll see your bullet flying toward them. Once your bullets reach an enemy, they'll deal damage. Furthermore, her bullets are extremely slow.
  • Normally, you'd be used to aiming at the enemy's head while you're shooting. This is a bit different in Echo's case if you're fighting at long-range. Her bullets spread massively as the distance traveled by them increases. So, if you aim at a character's body when they're far away, it has a high chance of hitting their head.
  • She has a total of 12 bullets before she has to reload, but she shoots three bullets at a time. This might make you think that you can only shoot with her four times before having to reload, but that's not the case. The set of three bullets counts as a single bullet for her.

Echo doesn't perform well at long-range because all of her abilities are better in a close fight. When you're playing as the hero, you will have a better time if you avoid long-range combat with her.

Choose The Hero Wisely During Your Ultimate

You can imagine how much power comes with being able to morph into any of the enemy heroes and using all their abilities. You don't get your ultimate easily as Echo, and it's an important decision to choose the right time and enemy hero to become.

While the choice differs with every scenario, here are a few basic factors you should take into consideration while choosing your Duplicate target:

Things To Take Into Account Why It's Important
Ultimate Ability The ultimate ability is the strongest part of any hero's kit, and it should also be the first factor to consider while selecting the enemy. When you're morphed into a different character, you'll get your ultimate points very fast.

This allows you to use the enemy hero's ultimate at least once, making characters like D.Va or Soldier: 76 a great target.

Overall Effectiveness When you morph into an enemy character, you only have a few seconds to make a difference and get value out of your ultimate. This means that you have to select a character that can turn the odds in your favor quickly.

This still depends on the exact situation. For example, if your team is struggling with the enemy's damage output, it might be an idea to select their Tank heroes.

Go To Unreachable Areas

While Echo lacks general mobility, the combination of her Flight and Glide skills can lead to some interesting scenarios. Usually, when you have heroes like Genji, Hanzo, or Widowmaker in an enemy team, you'd make sure to look at heights because they can climb walls.

Fortunately, a lot of people underestimate Echo's ability to get into high places using these abilities, allowing you to surprise them. Since she's a squishy character, it's recommended to find places where you can have a good line of sight on the enemy and give them a hard time trying to attack you.

Heroes like Pharah or Mercy can be quite hard to deal with, but Echo is their direct counter. It's hard for Pharah to aim her bombs while you're flying, and you can easily hit her with your weapon and sticky bombs.

She Can Destroy Tanks

For most of the Damage heroes in Overwatch 2, Tanks can be the most annoying enemies to deal with. This is because they can defeat you almost all the time in a one vs one. Thankfully, Echo goes against all odds, because she's quite good at dealing with Tanks in the game.

Her Focusing Beam deals extra damage to characters with 50 percent health or less. If you aim this skill at a tank and keep it on them for quite some time when they have low HP, you'll be able to witness their bar deplete.

Echo can be quite a niche character to use in the game, which makes it hard to be a one-trick Echo main. But with enough practice, you can destroy any team with her once you have her abilities on your muscle memory.

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