Overwatch 2: Brigitte Hero Guide

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Brigitte is a versatile support Hero in Overwatch 2 that plays on the front lines. Using her shield and flail, Brigitte can get up close to enemies to heal her allies, then back off and restore their health from afar using repair packs.

Brigitte is a difficult healer to get the hang of, as her playstyle is drastically different from other support Heroes in the game. Let's take a look at each of her abilities, and some tips and tricks for using them effectively.

Brigitte Ability Overview

Ability Description
Basic Attack – Rocket Flail
  • Damage: 35
  • Brigitte swings her flail, dealing damage and triggering her Inspire passive.
First Ability – Barrier Shield
  • Barrier health: 250
  • Barrier regenerates in 5 seconds
  • Shield Bash damage: 50
  • Shield Bash cooldown: 5 seconds
  • Holding the secondary fire button will open Brigitte's shield. Pressing the primary fire button while the shield is up will initiate a Shield Bash, charging Brigitte forward slightly and dealing damage.
Second Ability – Repair Pack
  • Healing: 110
  • Duration: 2 seconds
  • Cooldown: 6 seconds to restore 3 charges
  • Throw a nearby ally a repair pack that restores their health over the duration.
Third Ability – Whip Shot
  • Damage: 70
  • Cooldown: 4 seconds
  • Whip the flail forward, dealing damage and knocking back the enemy slightly.
Ultimate – Rally
  • Healing: 30 per second, maximum of 100
  • Movement speed increase: 30%
  • Ultimate duration: 10 seconds
  • Healing duration: 30 seconds
  • Creates a large aura around Brigitte that grants Overhealing every second, and increases her movement speed. An ally can have a maximum of 100 Overhealth, and it will start to decay after 30 seconds if not used.
Passive – Inspire
  • Hitting enemies with Rocket Flail, Shield Bash, or Whip Shot will trigger a heal-over-time effect on nearby allies, restoring 15 health per second over 5 seconds.

Brigitte has 200 base health, divided into 150 health and 50 armor, which has innate damage reduction. Brigitte is a support Hero, granting her the support role passive, allowing her to slowly regenerate her health after not being damaged for a few seconds.

Tips And Tricks For Playing Brigitte

Although Brigitte is a support Hero, her playstyle is unlike any other healer. Because of her unique playstyle, learning to play well as Brigitte can be difficult. Here are some tips and tricks for learning to play Brigitte.

Efficiently Healing

Brigitte has two methods for healing her party. The first is by using Repair Pack, which restores the target's health over a few seconds. Using two or three Repair Packs on a single target will extend the healing duration, but won't heal for more than 55 health per second. Because Repair Pack heals over time, you can throw one on an ally that is about to take damage, restoring their health the second it drops.

Secondly, Brigitte can restore the health of allies near her with her Inspire passive. Attacking enemies with her basic attack, Shield Bash, or Whip Shot will trigger the passive a maximum of once per second, granting a healing-over-time effect to nearby allies. Because of this passive, Brigitte's playstyle is more offensive-focused, as she wants to be close to enemies to hit them with her flail and trigger Inspire.

However, getting close isn't always an option. When you can't get close to the enemy, but still need to heal multiple allies, you can use Whip Shot. This ability has a long range, letting you strike from afar, but still triggering Inspire around yourself when it hits an enemy.

Offensive Support

As previously mentioned, Brigitte works best when she is on the offensive, bashing enemies with her shield and flail. Due to the knockback effect of Whip Shot, you can knock enemies away from your team, keeping them safe from approaching close-range attacks, while approaching them yourself.

When you need to charge into the fight, use Rally to give all nearby allies replenishing Overhealth. This, combined with constant triggers of Inspire, will keep your team safe, as long as you all push in together.

Defensive Support

Although Brigitte works best on the offensive, sometimes you aren't able to attack the enemy with a head-on approach. In situations like these, it's best to utilize your defensive abilities to protect and heal your team, waiting for the best moment to attack.

Brigitte's Barrier Shield, while great for blocking a bit of damage, has very low health, and can't be relied on to protect multiple teammates. The Barrier Shield has 250 health, much lower than, for example, Reinhardt's shield. Because of this, use her Barrier Shield to absorb a few attacks, then let the Tank protect your team further.

Use Repair Packs and Whip Shot to aid your team from behind your Tank, and use Barrier Shield when necessary to block some damage.

Team Compositions

Brigitte works best in offensive team compositions. Paired with offensive Tanks like Zarya or D.Va, who can push in and absorb damage, Brigitte is able to remain on the offensive and heal nearby allies with Inspire without worrying about being singled out by the enemy. Close-range damage Heroes like Junkrat and Reaper are also good picks, as they will be able to stay close and on the attack with the rest of your team.

Finally, when choosing a second support Hero, it's important to remember Brigitte's strengths and weaknesses. While she has single-target and area healing, she doesn't necessarily excel at either of these. Decide what your team needs best, and choose accordingly to supplement her single-target or area healing.

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