Overwatch 2 Branded McDonald’s Bags Spotted Ahead Of Collab

It looks like the Overwatch 2 x McDonald's collaboration is going to launch soon, as pictures of takeaway bags with the branding of both have started appearing online. About a week ago, McDonald's Australia tweeted a generic image of the Overwatch 2 logo, with the caption "Coming soon", teasing some sort of collaboration. However, at the time, it was unclear what shape this collab would take.

Given that we're now seeing Macca's baggies with images of Tracer, Reinhardt, Lucio, and the Overwatch 2 logo on them, it could be that there's a special Overwatch themed meal combo in the works – perhaps even with a toy. McDonald's recently started offering up Happy Meals for adults, so it wouldn't be too far-fetched to assume that we could get toys of Reinhardt or Tracer along with our burger and fries.

Alternatively, McDonald's might also be planning Overwatch hero-specific meals and bringing a wide variety of options, each inspired by a hero and their background. It's not the first time the restaurant chain would have done something like this, it constantly hosts limited-time events where items from its "international menu" are made available in countries where they're not usually sold.

While we may not know what the exact nature of the collaboration will be, thanks to Leveret on Twitter, we do know what they will be served up in. The tweet also mentions a "Lucios's beat dropper meal", hinting at character-specific meals, but there's no additional evidence to support that as of yet. However, this can be linked to the 'regional promotion' skins that players have been discovering in Overwatch 2. Perhaps buying a Lucio meal gets you a code to unlock a promotional skin for the caracter.

This isn't the only video game based promotional activity McDonalds is currently working on. Images of eight promotional toys from the Super Mario Bros. movie have been leaked online, they include Mario jumping down a pipe, Mario in a kart, Luigi with a torch, Toad in a kart, Peach t-posing, Bowser breathing fire, Donkey Kong throwing a barrel, and a strange-looking Luma. Two of these seem to suggest that there will be a kart racing scene in the movie.

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