Overwatch 2: 8 Tips For Playing Push

One of the biggest new additions to Overwatch 2 is Push, a brand new game mode where both teams compete to take control of a robot. The robot will then push a barricade along a set path, and whichever team reaches the goal or has the most progress when time runs out wins.

Push is a tricky game mode to get the hang of, as it's very different from the other modes in Overwatch 2. The tips listed here will help you figure out which heroes to use, and the best strategies needed to overcome your enemies.

8/8 Stay With The Robot

This is an obvious one for experienced Overwatch players, but less so for beginners. Almost everyone has experienced a frustrating game where your teammates just won't stick to the objective. Remember, the robot only makes progress when somebody is accompanying it.

If nobody else will push the robot, it might as well be you. Avoid getting too far away from it, as a sneaky enemy can use the opportunity to claim the robot themselves and undo any progress your team made. This won't happen so long as you're on top of it.

7/8 Use The Robot As Cover

Both the robot and the barricade it pushes are solid objects, and will stop bullets, explosives, and charge-happy Reinhardts. For both attackers and defenders, the robot is the most consistent source of cover you'll find on the map, doubly so if it's pushing a barricade.

This is especially important when you're the ones pushing the robot. You'll need to stay beside it, so getting to alternative sources of cover often isn't an option. Fortunately, the robot will gladly soak up any damage that might reach you. Just don't be too predictable, or else your whole team might get caught in a Zarya ultimate.

6/8 Learn The Maps

The maps in the Push game mode are very large, so it's important to familiarize yourself with them before jumping in. They're all very similar, being large cities with plenty of flank opportunities, but that doesn't mean they're identical.

Learning the differences between the maps and their most advantageous choke points and positions is vital to claiming victory. For example, Esperança has an important choke point midway through the map where the robot goes under a bridge. Try to claim the high ground and hold off the enemy team for as long as possible.

5/8 Look For Flanks

Push maps have some of the best flank opportunities out of any maps in the game. They're filled with hallways and entrances that allow you to get around the enemy team and surprise them. Healers might not be able to take advantage of this, but damage dealers and even some tanks certainly can.

Dividing the enemy team's attention can be a great strategy, allowing your own team to capitalize while their heads are turned. Some heroes definitely benefit from this more than others, so consider which you're playing before splitting off. A Genji coming in from the rear is often more effective than one going head-on.

4/8 Watch Out For Flankers

Conversely, one of the most common ways a team falls apart is letting a flanker run rampant. A good Sombra or Reaper making it behind your team can spell disaster if they're not taken out as soon as possible. You should try to deal with them as soon as possible.

Of course, taking out flankers by yourself can be tricky, and you can't always rely on your team to back you up. Effective communication to call out flankers is essential if you're trying to win. Use voice chat to talk to your team, or use Overwatch 2's new ping system to call them out.

3/8 Conserve Your Ultimates

Your ultimate is the most powerful tool in your arsenal, so it makes sense to use it to get the leg up in a fight. However, this also means that it often isn't worth it to stack several ultimates on top of each other. A team rarely needs more than two or maybe three at a time to win any given fight.

This is especially important in Push, where you often need to win multiple teamfights in a row in order to make significant progress. Holding on to your ultimate to help win follow-up fights is often the correct play. If you've already got a Genji with ultimate active powered up by Ana'a Nano-Boost, you probably don't need to throw in another ultimate.

2/8 Don't Stagger Deaths

Getting back into the fight after dying on a Push map can take much longer than any other map. As such, it's important that you don't die, rush back into the fight without your team, and immediately get sent back to spawn. You should always engage as a group.

Staggering means your team is consistently going in with only one or two members, without any hope of overcoming the enemy. In these circumstances, try to get your team to fall back, regroup, and fight as a full unit. It will always improve your odds of success.

1/8 Switch If Needed

Counterpicking and switching to the hero your team needs is integral to Overwatch, and especially important on Push. If your team is getting destroyed by a Roadhog, consider picking Reaper. If you need to take out a pesky Junkrat, Widowmaker might suit you well.

Because decisively winning fights is so important on Push, picking the right counter to take out a key member of the enemy team will make things much easier. Always look for opportunities to switch and turn the tides, especially since you now retain up to 30 percent of your ultimate's charge after switching.

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