Outward: How To Get The Mushroom Shield

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In addition to completing the main quest in Outward, you will be able to complete several minor quests that provide valuable rewards. One of these quests is Helen's Fungus, a quest that can be completed at the start of the game. For this quest, you will need to venture to the dangerous Blister Burrows, so we are here to help.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at how to obtain the Mushroom Shield and complete Helen's Fungus. This quest is fairly straightforward, but the location of Blister Burrows is not marked on the map, so we will take a look at how to get there as well. First, let's take a look at where you can find Helen Turnbull.

Speaking With Helen Turnbull

To start Helen's Fungus, you first need to find Helen Turnbull. This NPC can be found just south of the Cierzo gate leading to Chersonese. Here, you can find her standing on the porch of her giant house.

Upon speaking with Helen, she will tell you about the Mushroom Shield that can be found within Blister Burrows. After speaking with her, you can head straight to this location.

Getting To Blistering Burrows

To get to Blister Burrows, head out the main gate of Cierzo, heading slightly northeast. When you get to the first fork in the road, take the left path, leading upwards. Follow this path for a little, until you see a path branch off to the left, underneath wooden arch structures.

Near these wooden arches, you will also start to see stone mushroom-like statues. Follow this arched path until it comes to an end, directly at the entrance to Blister Burrow. The entrance is not hidden, so you will be able to see it clearly in the side of the hill.

Finding The Mushroom Shield

Now that you are inside, it's time to find the Mushroom Shield. The route to the shield location is pretty simple; follow the path until you come the first split, and then continue left.

To find the shield, continue heading left until you see a blue-green glowing area through a doorframe to the right. This will lead into a large room, where you can find the Mushroom Shield, shown in the image below.

Although the route to the Mushroom Shield is simple, you will run into several Troglodyte enemies; these are sentient mushrooms that hold long tridents. Normal Troglodytes are easy to defeat, but you can encounter tougher versions of this enemy, such as the Mana Troglodyte or Torglodyte Archmage. If this is the case, we recommend taking a step back and making sure you are prepared.

If you don't feel like fighting, you can also sneak or run by the enemies. If you want to sneak by without being seen, it's important to unequip a torch or lantern. These items make it easier to spot you.

With the shield in hand, you can now either backtrack and leave, or head a bit deeper to find the Giant-Heart Garnet.

Finding The Giant-Heart Garnet

The Giant-Heart Garnet is a unique item found within a north-western room of Blistering Burrow. You can find this item at the base of a dead Ash Giant, shown in the image above.

Although this corpse is scary, it will not come to life when you take the Giant-Heart Garnet, so you can quickly grab it and then leave.

Returning To Helen Turnbull

Now that you have the Mushroom Shield, return to Cierzo and speak with Helen Turnbull. When you present her with the shield, she will reward you with 70 silver. Additionally, if you give her the Giant-Heart Garnet, you will get an additional 30 silver.

With that, you have now finished Helen's Fungus! Completing this quest is a great way to make money if you have yet to pay off your Blood Debt.

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