Outriders Worldslayer: Ascension Points Explained

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Outriders: Worldslayer has introduced an endgame progression system called Ascension to help endgame players fine-tune their builds. Similar to the Paragon system in Diablo 3, Ascension acts as an endgame system that lets players convert XP into small boons that marginally enhance your character's stats.

That alone might sound underwhelming, yet this system has 20 passives to choose from. Each passive can be upgraded ten times, granting a noticeable stat increase when maxed. Reaching the maximum Ascension level in Worldslayer will grant your character a sizable increase in their overall power, but you'll need to earn it first. Here is a complete guide on Worldslayer's Ascension progression system.

What Is Ascension?

Ascension is an endgame progression system introduced in the Worldslayer expansion that allows you to convert XP into passive bonuses for your character. Similar to levels throughout the campaign, you'll earn Ascension points by defeating enemies and completing activities. Each Ascension rank grants one point to spend. There are 20 passives you can invest in, ranging from increased Anomaly Power to larger magazine sizes on your weapons. Each passive can be upgraded ten times before it caps out.

Earning Ascension Points

Your Ascension rank is not shared between your characters. This system is character-bound, not account-bound.

Defeating enemies and completing activities will grant progress towards your next Ascension point. Each Ascension rank will require more XP than the last, making this system quite grindy once you get your first 100 points. To earn Ascension points quickly, we recommend farming Expeditions that are short and have high enemy density. Examples include Boom Town, Scorched Lands, and most of the New Horizon Expeditions. As with skill points and PAX points, you may respec your Ascension points at any time.

Ascension Point Cap

The Ascension cap in Worldslayer is 200, allowing you to max every passive available through this system. According to People Can Fly, getting to 200 will take over a hundred hours of grinding. It's recommended you focus on getting 100 points first since it takes far less XP.

Every Ascension Passive

Ascension passives are divided into four unique categories: Anomaly, Endurance, Brutality, and Prowess. You can invest your points into any passive you wish; you don't have to evenly distribute your points into each category or anything of the sort. Passives stack additively with other sources of the same stat. For example, if your character has a 90% Anomaly Power bonus and gets 10% Anomaly Power through this system, that bonus will increase to 100%.

Passive Returns

Before we list the passives, it's important to note how they scale. Passives grant minimal bonuses for the first few points, granting most of their strength in the last few points. Additionally, most passives use the same scaling system when invested in. Investing points into a passive looks something like this:

Investment 1% Start

Magazine Size

0.5% Start

Damage Passives

0.1% Start

Healing, Cooldowns, Etc.

1 Point 1% 0.5% 0.1%
2 Points 2% 1% 0.3%
3 Points 3.2% 1.6% 0.6%
4 Points 4.7% 2.3% 1%
5 Points 6.7% 3.1% 1.5%
6 Points 9.2% 4% 2.1%
7 Points 12.2% 5.1% 2.8%
8 Points 16% 6.4% 3.6%
9 Points 20% 8% 4.5%
10 Points 25% 10% 5.5%

Anomaly Passives

Anomaly Power +0.5% Anomaly Power. Caps at 10%.
Resistance Pierce +0.5% Resistance Piercing. Caps at 10%.
Skill Leech +0.5% Skill Leech. Caps at 10%.
Status Power +0.5% Status Power. Caps at 10%.
Anomaly Damage +0.5% Status Power. Caps at 10%.

Endurance Passives

Health +0.5% Max Health. Caps at 10%.
Armor +0.5% Armor. Caps at 10%.
Healing Received +0.1% Healing Received. Caps at 5.5%.
Elite Damage Mitigation +0.5% Elite Damage Mitigation. Caps at 5.5%.
Resistance +0.5% Resistance. Caps at 10%.

Brutality Passives

Armor Pierce +0.5% Armor Pierce. Caps at 10%.
Close Range Damage +0.5% Close Range Damage. Caps at 10%.
Long Range Damage +0.5% Long Range Damage. Caps at 10%.
Weapon Damage +0.5% Weapon Damage. Caps at 10%.
Weapon Leech +0.1% Weapon Leech. Caps at 5.5%.

Prowess Passives

Cooldown Reduction +0.1% Cooldown Reduction. Caps at 5.5%.
Critical Chance +0.1% Critical Chance. Caps at 5.5%.
Critical Damage +0.5% Critical Damage. Caps at 10%.
Damage Against Elites +0.1% Elite Bonus Damage. Caps at 5.5%.
Magazine Size +1% Magazine Size. Caps at 25%.

Ascension Tips

  • Higher Apocalypse Tiers grant an XP multiplier towards earning Ascension points.
  • If you aren't sure what to invest in, focus on the Brutality tree (Firepower) or Anomaly tree (Anomaly Power).
  • You can reset your Ascension points at any time from the Ascension menu. This has no cost.
  • Consider investing in Anomaly Damage, especially if you're using an AP build. This stat is incredibly hard to increase through other means.

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