Outriders Is Cross-Platform Again With New Update

Outriders is one of many games that embrace cross-platform play, letting you team up with buds on Xbox while you’re on PlayStation, or even jump into the fray with Steam users. An update disabled this temporarily, but this feature is now back online.

This came back with PlayStation and PC last week but as of a couple of days ago, Xbox is also re-enabled for cross-platform play. This update is around 2GB on PC and 600MB on consoles.

It’s not a Warzone-sized download, but it is somewhat sizable in its own right, and that’s because the update doesn’t just re-enable cross-platform play: it also brings with it stabilized online connectivity and plenty of bug fixes, particularly targeting crashes.

Matchmaking has also been stabilized while a bug that wiped inventories in multiplayer has been addressed. The “A Bad Day” side quest crash has been remedied, while the bug which sees the HUD disappearing randomly has also been patched. To boot, an issue with players falling out of the world or getting stuck on small geometry has been fixed, and a problem specifically on PC that saw the GPU not being fully utilized has been updated.

“We are continuing to monitor performance and feedback,” Outriders opens on Twitter, “Following this update, we will be providing news on further steps as soon as we can.” A hot topic of contention right now is the nerfs to certain classes and inventory wiping, but the Outriders team on Twitter have stated that inventory wiping is a key concern for them, while little has been said regarding the backlash to these nerfs just yet.

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