Outriders: Every Single Ability For The Pyromancer Class, Ranked

Outriders is a game that tries to adhere to a player’s preferred playstyle. The different classes in the game seem to support this. In Outriders, there are four different classes that you can choose at the beginning of the game, and each of them is perfect for a specific role and style to deal with the game’s quests and challenges. Take the Pyromancer class, for example.

The Pyromancer class in Outriders is meant to be a medium-ranged combatant. As the name implies, using this class will have you conjure up flames to burn and incinerate everyone and everything that stands in your way. The Pyromancer class is so much fun to play around with. Before you dive right into the game using this class, take the time to learn about the Pyromancer’s abilities first.

8 Thermal Bomb

The Thermal Bomb is the Pyromancer ability you can get once you reach level 4. This ability is both Explosive and Interrupt types. Activating the Thermal Bomb allows the player to choose an enemy for burning, but also lets them interrupt and deal damage to the enemy.

Once the enemy selected dies while still afflicted by the Thermal Bomb, they’ll explode where they stand, dealing massive damage to those around them. This ability has a cooldown of 12 seconds. You can enhance this ability even more by using mods such as Burning Ground, Wildfire, Fire Frenzy, and more.

7 Overheat

Overheat is an Immobilize ability. It is essentially an area of effect attack that lets the player deal 111 damage to any enemy in a pretty big radius. Doing so will also interrupt their skills. The damage of this ability will skyrocket to about 2,518 if the enemy hit is tagged with Burn.

The Overheat ability will unlock once you reach level 6. It has a cooldown of 19 seconds, but you can use the Detonator mod in order to reduce that by 50%. Other relevant mods for this ability include Pants on Fire, Sunburnt, and Master Consumer.

6 Feed The Flames

Feed the Flames is an Immobilize ability that will unlock when you reach level 3. Using Feed the Flames will pull an enemy towards you. This also deals with damage and inflicts Ash status, which slows down an enemy’s movements. It has a cooldown of 14 seconds.

The Feed the Flames ability can be strengthened even more with the use of mods such as Anomaly Hunger, Nova, Wide Grip, and Flame Grasper.

5 Ash Blast

The Ash Blast ability unlocks at level 13. It is an Immobilize ability that inflicts Ash status onto all enemies within a massive radius around your player character. This ability incentivizes you to get closer to massive amounts of enemies as there is no limit to the number of enemies you can hit with this ability, so long as they’re inside the projected radius. This ability has a 23-second cooldown.

If you want to equip this ability, you might as well use mods such as Extinguisher, Empowerment, Death, and Ash Armor Down.

4 Heatwave

The Heatwave ability the first skill you can use in the game as a Pyromancer. However, this ability still remains one of the best you can ever use. Activating Heatwave will summon a fiery wave on a linear path, dealing damage and Burn to those hit by it.

Heatwave is a very simple ability, but with proper placement and enhanced by the right mods, you can easily become a terrifying powerhouse on the battlefield. Use mods such as Hellfire, Heat Leech, Tidal Wave, and Inferno Wave to further improve this ability,

3 F.A.S.E.R. Beam

The F.A.S.E.R. Beam ability allows you to fire a powerful energy beam, dealing damage that benefits from 150% of Status Power. Not only will this ability inflict a ton of damage but it will also interrupt enemies’ skills. The ability has a 10-second cooldown. It will unlock as soon as you reach level 17.

This ability works really well with Heatwave, so you might as well equip that too if you’re going to use F.A.S.E.R. Beam. Also, make sure you farm for the following mods: Volcanic Armor, Frequent F.A.S.E.R., Size Matters, and Healthy Lifestyle.

2 Volcanic Rounds

The Volcanic Rounds ability will coat your bullets with fire. Abilities like these are very simple yet very integral in dealing with the toughest enemies in the game. Once activated, the bullets in your current weapon’s magazine will inflict burn onto enemies, even if the bullet misses. Bullets will also pierce the target and damage those behind them. This ability will unlock when you reach level 9.

The Volcanic Rounds ability will last until you reload or switch weapons. There will then be a 23-second cooldown before you can use it again. If you want to make this ability even more effective, pair it with mods such as Susceptibility, Reload Boost, Extra Mag, and Lava Shots.

1 Eruption

The Eruption ability is the final ability available for Pyromancers, which unlocks at level 22. Once activated, this ability will create a volcanic eruption beneath an enemy. The significant amount of damage will affect the enemy selected and those around them.

The cooldown for this ability is a whopping 37-second, but you can use it more than once before initiating the cooldown by using mods such as ETNA and Pompeii. You can also increase its radius with Giga-blast and its duration with Increased Duration.

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