Outriders Demo: A Guide To Unlocking The Technomancer’s Potential

The Technomancer is arguably the coolest sounding of all four of Outriders’ classes, which is pretty impressive considering they all sound awesome. The Technomancer can be a little tricky to get the hang of, however. It doesn’t heal big amounts like the other classes do, so it can feel frail at times.

This is the truest support class of the entire roster, designed to inflict status and whittle enemies down so that teammates can finish them off. So, if you’re the kind of player who has to be deep in the action at all times, this class may not be for you.

The Technomancer is best played at mid to long-range due to their relatively low health and low life-gain. Unlike other classes – which gain 24% of their health upon certain types of kills – the Technomaner regains a bit of health for every bit of damage done by weapons or skills. This sutures you into the position of playing for overall damage done to multiple enemies, rather than focusing on killing singular opponents. Whittle down as many enemies as you can so your teammates can finish them off, that’ll get everyone the most health possible.

If you do find yourself face-to-face with a tough enemy, the melee ability will freeze enemies in place, giving you time to either shoot them to regain some health or run away to get into a better position.

The Technomancer’s skills all have relatively long cooldowns, which makes sense as most are gadgets that are meant to stay up for a while. This does, however, mean that you can feel a bit left out of the action. Just sit back, let your turrets and sniper rifle do the work.

In the demo, it’s best to replace your Scrapnel grenade with Blighted Rounds, as the former is pretty weak, while the toxic damage of the latter allows you to regain life while cowering behind cover. Playing around Blighted Rounds seems to be the best way to maximise both the damage and life-gain of the Technomancer. If you can get a piece of armour that has the ‘Extra Mag’ effect, this will allow you to use Blighted Rounds for two magazines worth of bullets rather than just one. Combine this perk and skill with a high-capacity LMG and you can pump out 200 toxic rounds between every 40-second cooldown. This is definitely the best mid-range strategy, as it will allow you to weaken the opponents while your team uses their higher powered skills to finish your foes off.

If you want to play long-range, Scrapnel grenades will be useful for guarding your flanks, while your Cryo Turret can freeze enemies to make headshots with sniper rifles a lot easier. You can use your Pain Launcher if you’re being charged by a group of melee enemies and then use your own melee to freeze the last few before making a run for it. It’s a great way to tactically retreat without getting shot in the back.

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