Only 8 MultiVersus Players Have The Fred Profile Picture Worth 50,000 Coins

Only eight people in the world own MultiVersus' Fred Style profile picture, likely due to the fact that it costs 50,000 coins.

MultiVersus gives its players plenty of things to work towards and level up during their playtime. Anyone who has put some significant time into the game will notice that, at a certain point, coins only really become useful for training perks and replacing daily challenges. With their limited uses, some might be wondering what they're going to be able to do with their accrued riches – that's where the Fred Style profile icon comes in.

If you take a look at all of the available profile pictures in MultiVersus, there's one that stands out among the rest, one for a character that isn't even in the game at the moment – the Fred Style. This profile picture is one of the only things in the game outside of training perks and replacing challenges that players can spend their gold on, but they're going to need a massive 50,000 coins in order to unlock it.

The fee to get the exclusive icon is so high that it seems barely anyone has done it so far. MultiVersus' director Tony Huynh, replied to a player that just shared that they'd unlocked it, revealing that only eight players have managed to buy it so far. Huynh said, "You are 1 of 8 total players that own the Fred Ascot Icon. Congrats!"

Considering MultiVersus just surpassed 20 million players, having only eight of them with the profile picture is some feat. Whether it's because most players haven't noticed that it can be bought, or simply because no one wants to spend that much coin on a profile picture, those eight players are currently in a pretty exclusive club.

Granted, that number looks like it's going to go up very soon. As mentioned above, there aren't many things for players to spend their coin on in MultiVersus, which means that anyone putting decent amount of time into it is going to have cash to burn. Now that Huynh has pointed out how few players have the icon, it's likely that more are going to aim for it.

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