Official Gloomhaven Sequel Announced – Frosthaven Kickstarter To Go Live In March 2020

Frosthaven is coming as the official sequel to Gloomhaven, the world-renowned board game that comes in a 22-lb box.

Gloomhaven came out back in 2017 after raising $4.4 million in Kickstarter funding, and it’s arrival was hailed as the best thing to hit board gaming since Settlers of Catan. It was the top-rated game on for almost three years running and won best overall game from the prestigious site on its release in 2017.

And it’s not hard to see why. This co-op dungeon crawl has 95 unique scenarios, 17 playable classes, and 1,500 cards covering monsters, items, and events in a box that you can almost bury a body in.

And now it’s getting a sequel.

Frosthaven is my chance to tell another epic story on the scale of the original game, with the same complexity and grandeur,” writes Gloomhaven designer Isaac Childres in his announcement. “This is Gloomhaven 2.0, with 16 new characters, over 25 new enemies, over 100 new items, somewhere around 100 new scenarios, and so much more.”

Childres has been working on this game for three years, playtesting and writing all while Gloomhaven sales went through the roof. Promotional art is already adorning the walls of PAX Unplugged, where Childres plans to attend and answer questions in a live Q&A session with Tom Vasel at 10 AM on Saturday.

In Frosthaven, you play as one of a band of mercenaries trying to fend off the various horrible denizens of the frozen wastes. Those include Algox (which are basically yetis), Lurkers, and dangerous ancient machines that have long since lost their masters. Possibly because they eviscerated them after acquiring sentience. Who knows? Maybe one of those new scenarios will tell their story.

Or maybe you’ll get eaten by an Algox first.

The PAX Unplugged live Q&A will be streamed on Twitch in case you can’t make it down to Philly, and a Kickstarter will launch in March of 2020. That should give you plenty of time to save your pennies and get Frosthaven before anyone else. Or at least, at the same time as everyone who’s going in on the Kickstarter.

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