Oddworld Soulstorm: How To Save All Mudokons In The Funicular

The Funicular stage in Oddworld Soulstorm has 24 Mudokons hiding around it. All of these Mudokons have been poisoned and will require an antidote before they start following you around. This level is easy, but you must be prepared to backtrack quite a bit to find every Mudokon. Have patience, and follow this guide to all 24 Mudokons locations.

Start the stage by going all the way to the right until you reach the first cave. Find the first hidden ingredient and then proceed to the second cave. Do the same thing, and make your way to the final antidote cave by going up the elevator and crossing the bridge where the giant blade chases you down. After you complete the last cave, you will have the antidote needed to start saving every Mudokon. The guide will begin from this point in the level.

Mudokons 1-4

After you exit the final cave with the antidote, immediately head left and drop down to the secret area entrance below.

Once you reach the secret area, use the antidote to revive all four Mudokons and then open the nearby portal to send them to safety. Once the Mudokons are safe, leave the secret area and climb back up to the primary platform.

Mudokons 8-14

You may have noticed that we have skipped over Mudokons 5-7. The reason for this jump is that you will collect these seven Mudokons before you find Mudokons 5-7. An important note: even though you will find all seven Mudokons needed to activate the trolley car puzzle, you should not use it yet. Once you collect all 7 Mudokons for this section, continue down to the next batch of Mudokons on this guide, and do not take the final trolley car.

The first Mudokon that you will find is to the right of the cave in which you made the antidote. Revive this Mudokon and continue right. Take the trolley down to the area you crossed to get to the third cave. There will be another Mudokon here.

Make your way back to the elevator you took from the second cave to get to the upper level. Once you return to the platform below (besides the second cave), click the down button again. The elevator will take you down to a secret lower platform. Enter the hidden tunnel and go all the way down the path it leads down.

At the end will be a switch. Press the button and then go all the back to the elevator. Go back up to the platform where the second cave was.

Go left from the elevator and revive the Mudokons laying down on the path that you take on your way back to the large trolley car. This is the same trolly car where you need seven Mudokons to ride it. You should have three Mudokons following you right now. The last four are around this large trolley car. Explore all the platforms around it until you have seven Mudokons following you.

Do not activate the trolley just yet.

Mudokons 5-7

From the large trolley, go left towards the start of the level. You may have noticed this area before, but if you drop down in the section with the large gap between the platforms, there will be a secret entrance on the left. The door should be open now because you activated that switch earlier. Go through this door into the secret area and save the four Mudokons there.

Once they go through the portal, return to the main area and then make your way back to the trolley. Now you can use your seven Mudokons to activate the trolley and cross into the next section.

Mudokons 15-16

Once you make it to the next platform section, immediately head right and collect the two Mudokons in this area. You will also spot a door at the end of this section. Go through this door.

Mudokons 17-18

Once you go through this door, you will enter another secret area. This area has two Mudokons hiding in the top right. You will need to turn on the power in the cave, then revive these two. Once they recover, lead them to the elevator inside the cave. Go up to a hidden platform and send these Mudokons through the portal. Exit the cave once they are free.

Mudokon 19

Go left and continue past the trolley station. There will be one Mudokon on the path here. Revive them and then continue left until you reach the portal. Send all of the Mudokons (ten total) through the portal.

Make sure you don’t go down the path leading to minecart just yet. If you take the minecart, you will finish the stage. We still have five more Mudokons to save.

Mudokon 20-24

Instead of going down toward the minecart, jump up into the building above this path. Go down this upper path to the door at the end. This door will take you to a section with the final five Mudokons. The first Mudokon you need to save is beside the entrance. Revive them, and then continue right.

Next, climb all the platforms to the very top. Be sure that you and your Mudokons avoid the moving blades. If one Mudokon dies, you will need to let your character die to start from the last checkpoint.

After you climb to the top, go all the way to the right and drop down into a seemingly empty platform area. There will be one Mudokon hiding behind a piece of metal, so you cannot see them. Once you revive them, go back and drop to the middle platform from where you climbed up.

Save the Mudokon in this area and make your way to the platform above him. Once you reach the top, look for this Mudokon inside the building to the left. Again, look out for the moving blades.

Once you have these four, drop back down and keep going left. The last Mudokon is on the lower platform.

Revive this last Mudokon, and continue left towards the portal. Once you send all five Mudokons through the portal, you can go to the minecart and finish this stage.

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