Oddworld Soulstorm: How To Save All Mudokons In Slig Barracks

There are 45 Mudokons hiding in the Slig Barracks level in Oddworld Soulstorm. That might seem like an overwhelming number of Mudokons, but most of them grouped up, so finding them all is pretty simple. This level is the Slig Barracks, so you should prepare yourself for several enemy encounters.

There will be a few areas that will require trial and error. These sections can be frustrating, and the only way to get through these parts is to proceed with caution and care. Take your time, and prepare for battle.

Mudokon 1

When you start the level, go right. You will come across a lone Mudokon. Get them to follow you, then go left to the other end of the platform.

Send the Mudokon through the portal here. Then go back to the door on the right end of the platform.

Mudokons 2 to 7

Enter the Barracks and then climb up the platforms to the top.

Near the vending machines will be four Mudokons.

Get through the door and climb down the other set of platforms. Use your items to knock out Sligs along the way. There will be another Mudokon near the portal.

Open the portal and send all five Mudokons to safety.

Mudokons 8 to 13

Once you leave the Barracks building, save the two Mudokons outside. Make your way across the gunner section using smoke bombs.

Once you reach the next section with the Sligs and lockers, you will find three more Mudokons. One will be underneath the first platform.

Two will be near each other in the second set of platforms.

The portal will be on the next set of platforms where you need to possess the rocket Slig.

Enter the door below.

Mudokons 14 to 18

Once you get inside this building, start making your way down past the sentries. There will be two Mudokons in the first section.

Drop down past the checkpoint and save the Mudokon here.

Go right, avoid the snipers, and save the other two Mudokons.

Go left and jump past the mines. Try to time your jumps. That way, the Mudokons do not explode. Use smoke bombs to avoid the snipers too.

At the bottom of these platforms is a portal. Send these five Mudokons through it.

Mudokon 19

Sneak past the guard dogs and then solve the puzzle to turn on the elevator.

Take the elevator down to the lower level.

There will be one Mudokon at the base of the elevator platforms. Save them, but you can have them stay put for now. Then, go all the way to the right.

Mudokons 20 to 27

Climb into this section and use your Fizzy Pows to destroy the floor gates.

Once you reach this section with the Slig, knock the Slig out and climb to the secret platform above them. There is a secret door here, so go through it.

This area has eight Mudokons on the platforms above.

Climb to the top and avoid the gunners.

Save the Mudokons starting from the top and making your way down, saving them all. Avoid the gunners to the best of your abilities. Once you reach the bottom again, send the Mudokons through the portal.

Mudokons 28 to 40 (Plus Mudokon 19)

Head back to Mudokon 19. Make sure they are still hanging out under the elevator. They still need to wait there.

Go left, break the floor gate with a Fizzy Pow. Then, continue left until you run into a cutscene with a Mudokon working on a vending machine. After they finish talking, bring them up to where you are keeping Mudokon 19.

Go left and sneak past all of the Sligs. Once you reach the end, climb up the red electrical gate. Press the button to continue past it and go all the way right down this upper pathway. Wait till you reach the end before you start saving Mudokons.

Systematically start saving all the Mudokons from the end.

Make your way back to the elevator, where Mudokon 19 and 20 are waiting. Be prepared to knock out quite a few Sligs to do this.

Once you reach Mudokon 19 and 20, get everyone to follow you again.

Use the elevator to go back up to the portal.

Sneak past the dogs. At long last, send all 14 Mudokons through the portal.

Mudokons 41 to 45

Go back down the elevator and then go left again.

Take the large elevator (that came down earlier after a cutscene) up to the next section.

At the first landing, collect the final five Mudokons. They are hiding around the vending machines.

Reboard the elevator to reach the top section.

Send them all through the portal.

Exit the building. Watch the cutscene and then finish the level. Congratulations!

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