Oculus & Steam Beat Saber Crossplay Goes Live, PSVR Multiplayer Still in the Works

It was almost a year ago that Beat Games released a multiplayer component for its popular rhythm action title Beat Saber. It wasn’t an all-encompassing update, however. Oculus players could only join others on the same platform whilst PlayStation VR owners still had to wait. Yesterday, Beat Games issued an update that solved one problem, crossplay between Oculus and Steam but confirmed that those on PlayStation VR still have to hold on.

Over on Twitter Beat Games confirmed the crossplay functionality saying: “Oculus & Steam crossplay is now possible! We just launched a crossplay feature for the Oculus and Steam players, so you can join multiplayer matches and slash the beats together.” This is great news, bringing more players together. It’s worth noting that: “Leaderboards are staying the same, they’re not cross-platform,” said the studio.

As for PlayStation VR, well that seems to be a much bigger issue Beat Games is struggling to resolve. After the 2020 release of the multiplayer for Oculus and Steam, the studio had initially expected to launch it a little later in January 2021. Since then it has been delay after delay, with the most message explaining: “Dear PS VR players, we are still working on the Multiplayer feature for the PS VR to bring you the best multiplayer experience, so stay tuned. We’re also exploring ways to allow crossplay for the PS VR.”

While cross-platform difficulties are expected, there have been no details revealed as to why multiplayer for just PlayStation VR owners hasn’t arrived. Beat Games may be owned by Facebook but that hasn’t stopped the studio from supporting all platforms, the most recent Skrillex Music Pack saw a multiplatform release only a couple of weeks ago.

It’s also important to note just how big Beat Saber is on PlayStation VR. The videogame continually tops the PlayStation Store download charts with the most recent results for July 2021 putting the title in pole position in the US and Europe. In fact, it has been that way across June, May and April, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s the same for August.

Still, at least there’s been a consistent release of new music to keep fans happy. As and when Beat Games do figure out multiplayer for Beat Saber on PlayStation VR, VRFocus will let you know.

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